Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Metamorphosis - the Motion Comic

Edit: Banker has now added a POLL to help him decide on his next project. Details below the links.

Second edit: Superduck comics (a.k.a. PK- Pikappa or PK3) are now available on Comixology in several new countries. Check it out!

Just when it seemed to be pretty dead around here - Banker returns with a generous helping of awesome. It's here, people.

Metamorphosis - the Motion Comic

Yes, it is awesome. Fully voice-acted, 40+ minutes, and Banker is only improving his craft.
 Go watch it, and if you haven't already, check out his LAST motion comic as well: Fragments of Autumn.

THE POLL: Before taking on his next project, Banker has asked everyone to give their own opinion: If Banker was gonna do more motion comics, which issues would you MOST want to see get that treatment? The poll can be found HERE, so make sure to go and vote for your favorites!

If there's anything I've forgotten, feel free to remind me in the comments and I'll edit it into this post. Carry on!