Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Banker brings you: New stuff!

Banker returns with three new stories from the PiKappa series. Check them out here.

(I'll add them to the archives here, but heck, you might as well go to Banker's site for 'em.)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

PKNA 1998 remake + Pikappa #5 bonus story

Banker returns with more stuff. His site is here, like always, and I'll copy the goodies over here for good measure:

PKNA 1998 Special (Remake) - Zero Slash One

Pikappa #5 (Bonus story) - Destroyer Kid

Monday, September 9, 2013

PKNA #20 and Pikappa #4

A remake and a brand new (main) story from Pikappa. Banker explains Disney's strange translating customs over on his site, but I'll add the links here for good measure:

PKNA #20 Remake - Mekkano

Pikappa main story #4: Alarm
Reminds me, I should tidy up the Pikappa section of the download links section a bit...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Remake of #19 and a bonus story

New stuff from Banker. Links were up on his site a couple of days ago, but now we'll add them here as well.

The remade version of PKNA #19 - Absolute Zero

Pikappa Bonus Story: Question of Intuition


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Banker does stuff!

And once again Banker returns with spoils of war. Or translating. Whichever. And once more it is not only a re-edited issue, but also a bonus story from the "PK3" series which Disney never translated.

I've added the links to the download section - and sure, I'll add them here as well - but I'm still gonna remind you that Banker has uploaded the same links on his own site, so if you wanna be sure to get timely updates, you should probably bookmark that too. 

Pikappa Bonus Story: First date


Friday, July 19, 2013

New stuff! Old stuff! And Banker stuff!

So! Two cool things from Banker. And some cool things from Anonymous.

One thing is another remake of Banker's earliest work. This time it's PKNA #17, Shooting Star.

Another thing is a story from "PK - Pikappa" - a series I seem to remember being suggested about two million times in the comments. So here is a never-before translated PK-Pikappa bonus story:

(Banker continues to have standards and chooses not to translate the main stories, which HAVE official translations.) (Note: I was gonna link to the series on Comixology, but it seems to have disappeared from the site (in my country anyway). So that's weird.)

Anyway. Back to Banker's comics: You can find both the brand-new and retranslated comics by going here! Banker has started uploading his updates to his own site, so I suspect that will be the main place to find translations soon. Go ahead, check it out and bookmark it. It's like this site, except the updates actually appear immediately on the front page instead of being hidden in the comment section for weeks while I forget to update the site. (Also there's more swearing, but I figure you guys can handle that.)

Oooh, and what else? Double-Duck comics, that's what. Have some links:

Double-Duck: Deliriums Web

Double-Duck: Hong Island

Double-Duck: OperationOpera

God-speed, everybody!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

All the stuff I missed

Woah! Sorry about the lack of updates. The first month of silence was because absolutely nothing happened as far as I could see. The second month of silence... was because I suck, I suppose.

So. Stuff that's new:

Banker put out a call for voice actors for his next motion comic - I'm not sure if it's too late to be a part of, but the video's pretty hilarious anyway. And hell, why not go subscribe to his channel anyway? Then you won't have to wait for my lazy updates.

Banker has also made a new and updated version of the 'Fragments of Autumn' motion comic, cleaning up some of the minor points. So check that out too.

He's also made updated versions of the two first issues he translated: PKNA #12, Second Draft an PKNA #15, Camera, Action.

And an anonymous poster translated three Double-Duck comics, but the links don't work for me now. Just because I got to them two months late.

I shall now submit to any and all name-calling that Banker or others have stored up. I'm a big boy, I can take it. Just let me know if there's anything I missed while you're at it. :P

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Return

It's official, guys. The Duck Avenger is returning.

I'll just go ahead and quote forum user Lyla's brief translation:

"It basically says that De Poli announced it publicly during the Napoli Comicon. It'll apparently return through Topolino.
If there were still any doubts, now there aren't anymore."

Now, Topolino is of course a more standard Disney format than PKNA was, so who knows, we might not see the return of PKNA's epic-looking page lay-outs, but what we ARE likely to see the return of is a lot of the people who worked on PKNA and made it a thing we love.

So yes.

This is awesome.

If anybody has any more details, feel free to share them in the comments. Or just gush about the possibilities/share your dread about what they might do. Either way - this should be interesting!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Metamorphosis - the Motion Comic

Edit: Banker has now added a POLL to help him decide on his next project. Details below the links.

Second edit: Superduck comics (a.k.a. PK- Pikappa or PK3) are now available on Comixology in several new countries. Check it out!

Just when it seemed to be pretty dead around here - Banker returns with a generous helping of awesome. It's here, people.

Metamorphosis - the Motion Comic

Yes, it is awesome. Fully voice-acted, 40+ minutes, and Banker is only improving his craft.
 Go watch it, and if you haven't already, check out his LAST motion comic as well: Fragments of Autumn.

THE POLL: Before taking on his next project, Banker has asked everyone to give their own opinion: If Banker was gonna do more motion comics, which issues would you MOST want to see get that treatment? The poll can be found HERE, so make sure to go and vote for your favorites!

If there's anything I've forgotten, feel free to remind me in the comments and I'll edit it into this post. Carry on!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Some very, very exciting rumours

My apologies for going AWOL again. I blame real life, internet connectivity issues, and other feeble excuses. Sorry.

So, what's new? (I here define 'new' as something I haven't mentioned on the front page before, but which has been on the forum for ages. Yeah, I know.) And WELL.

The Duck Avenger is stirring, people! We're mostly dealing with rumours and loose quotes, but the general idea is this: The PKNA universe may be returning. And NOT just as reprints. Presumably in a different format than we're used to, but STILL!

There's a thread over on the forum discussing it, which can give you a few more details. Give it a read. This covers about all I know as well, but I'm looking forward to hearing more.

In other news: There's a new update over on Banker's website, Bankin' the Duck! This time it's 'Shadows on Venus' that he tears lovingly to shreds. Oh, and there's some adult fanfiction there as well, because this is Banker.

What else? Oh yeah, GERMANS! Check out this thing:

I'm just gonna quote Yoshi:

In the next LTB Premium, issue 4, Germans get a chance to get some more Duck Avenger content. Issues five to eight will be featured in this issue, also there will be all-new German translations of two more Konrad Kiwi episodes and the PKNA Special 1997. More information here: