Sunday, September 29, 2013

PKNA 1998 remake + Pikappa #5 bonus story

Banker returns with more stuff. His site is here, like always, and I'll copy the goodies over here for good measure:

PKNA 1998 Special (Remake) - Zero Slash One

Pikappa #5 (Bonus story) - Destroyer Kid


  1. Thank you Banker! By the way for all Germans around here: The next issue of LTB Premium has been released, the series where PKNA gets published at the moment. The current issue is about Darkwing Duck. It includes the comic released back then to promote the TV series (first episode in comic form) and also the first three arcs of the new US comicbook series. Keep supporting this series so that we can get more official PKNA translations and also other "premium" series like Micky X, or Darkwing Duck.

  2. Once again thank you for the amazing work, one question though, is there any way anyone could continue with the mickey mouse mystery magazine issues translations? I kinda love this series but cannot find a translation anywhere, thank you anyway, keep up the amazing work guys

  3. I think we'd all like to see MMMM get translated in full one day, but sadly there's no Italian (or possibly Greek) speaking person that's wanted or had the time to do it (since, y'know, MMMM sadly haven't been released anywhere else besides Italy and Greece, while PKNA has been translated using up to three different language editions if I've understood Banker correctly. Italian, Norwegian and with a side dish of Swedish(?)).

    And yeah, I'm mostly just posting to show that there are people still out there who appreciates the continued efforts of Banker