Saturday, March 1, 2014

Monthly rundown: February

 EDIT: Oh look, not only did I miss three new Banker translations, I also forgot to mention that the latest issue of Universo PK is out. The details have been filled out below...

Not a whole lot of news this month, but quite a few new translations: Banker has finished another six nine translations of Pikappa bonus stories.

The first three can be found here...

While the next three can be found here.

EDIT: And the final three (which I forgot last time) can be found here.

ALSO EDIT: And of course, February also saw the second part of Universo PK, written by the awesome Tito Faraci and brought in the Italian series Paperinik Appgrade.


That's it for this time, I suppose. Let me know if there's anything I've overlooked. Like always, feel very free to share any links or news in the comment section, and I'll do another monthly round-up next month.

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