Wednesday, July 10, 2013

All the stuff I missed

Woah! Sorry about the lack of updates. The first month of silence was because absolutely nothing happened as far as I could see. The second month of silence... was because I suck, I suppose.

So. Stuff that's new:

Banker put out a call for voice actors for his next motion comic - I'm not sure if it's too late to be a part of, but the video's pretty hilarious anyway. And hell, why not go subscribe to his channel anyway? Then you won't have to wait for my lazy updates.

Banker has also made a new and updated version of the 'Fragments of Autumn' motion comic, cleaning up some of the minor points. So check that out too.

He's also made updated versions of the two first issues he translated: PKNA #12, Second Draft an PKNA #15, Camera, Action.

And an anonymous poster translated three Double-Duck comics, but the links don't work for me now. Just because I got to them two months late.

I shall now submit to any and all name-calling that Banker or others have stored up. I'm a big boy, I can take it. Just let me know if there's anything I missed while you're at it. :P


  1. Also, it might be time to suggest something that would have made sense to do a long time ago:

    Banker, would you be interested in becoming an administrator of this site? I wouldn't expect you to take over from me as a whole (lord knows you've got enough projects), but I figure you might occasionally be glad to have the oportunity to just post something directly, rather than wait around for my sorry ass to take notice.

    1. Well, I am now making updates over at Bankin' the Duck, so if people could get their asses over there...

  2. I'm an editor on the Disney wiki and I have used some PKNA scans on articles. So far they have not the translated dialogue because it ends cropped, but I wanted to know if I could post there complete scenes with the translated speech balloons or if it creates some legal problem with the official Disney publisher.

    1. I don't know if it would create some legal problem, kinda doubt it in fact...

    2. You could always call Fair Use (at least in the US) or other quotation rights in this matter, but this doesn't seem to be a situation where Disney would care too much anyways.

      Translated or not doesn't change anything really.

      All this is as far as I see things but then again, IANAL

    3. Thanks, Banker and Blotling, but at the end the pint became moot. I asked the Disney wiki admin if fan-translated panels/pages could be posted and she said no. I cannot blame her for wanting a wiki with official stuff only.
      Well, no damage was done. Thanks anyways.

  3. Went ahead and redid another issue...

    And I've also done something Pikappa related.

  4. Right I probably should have mentioned that I re-uploaded the files....

    Deliriums Web -

    Hong Island -

    OperationOpera -