Friday, July 19, 2013

New stuff! Old stuff! And Banker stuff!

So! Two cool things from Banker. And some cool things from Anonymous.

One thing is another remake of Banker's earliest work. This time it's PKNA #17, Shooting Star.

Another thing is a story from "PK - Pikappa" - a series I seem to remember being suggested about two million times in the comments. So here is a never-before translated PK-Pikappa bonus story:

(Banker continues to have standards and chooses not to translate the main stories, which HAVE official translations.) (Note: I was gonna link to the series on Comixology, but it seems to have disappeared from the site (in my country anyway). So that's weird.)

Anyway. Back to Banker's comics: You can find both the brand-new and retranslated comics by going here! Banker has started uploading his updates to his own site, so I suspect that will be the main place to find translations soon. Go ahead, check it out and bookmark it. It's like this site, except the updates actually appear immediately on the front page instead of being hidden in the comment section for weeks while I forget to update the site. (Also there's more swearing, but I figure you guys can handle that.)

Oooh, and what else? Double-Duck comics, that's what. Have some links:

Double-Duck: Deliriums Web

Double-Duck: Hong Island

Double-Duck: OperationOpera

God-speed, everybody!


  1. I'm mostly surprised Banker has standards.

    But yeah, seems the Disney comics appeared for a short while on Comixology just to disappear again for people in Scandinavia and the like (or as I like to call it, Egmont-land).

  2. Sure, Comixology should have issues up to at least #13... But hey, fine, if you don't want cash from my asswallet...

  3. I actually bought the first issue a while back, so I've still got that at least. I dunno, maybe they'll come back.

    Also, by the way, I'll admit it: The professional translations just aren't quite as good as the ones Banker makes. They're servicable enough, but there's something kind of stiff in the translations. Oh well.

  4. My only problem with the official translations is the unfinished speech bubbles.

    Like, in the first issue you got Gorthan in one panel just saying "invasion". The complete sentence should be something like "The invasion has begun!".

  5. At best these translations were made by people with little to no feel for the content, which usually shows. Worst case scenario (and sadly probably) these translations were done with Google Translate (or similar) and with a minimum of human oversight. This link goes into a bit more detail and while it doesn't concern Pikappa directly, it's safe to say that most things Disney on Comixology is treated the same way:

    Now, I'd like to take this moment to point out that this in no way is representative for everything Comixology publishes and when I personally had an incident with an order just a few days ago that weren't processed properly it only took about 30 minutes for them to sort it out from my initial e-mail. So, thumbs up for Comixology!

  6. Yay, Banker back to translating new content, I'm super happy :).


  8. Yay, more Pikappa! Banker, you're awesome :).