Thursday, January 6, 2011

PKNA Special 1997 - Bonus Content

A Voyage Into Nothing

Missing, gone, absent, something which is not there anymore. AKA: empty compartment. The Avenger was there, and a second later he’s gone. Disappeared, taken by the evil claw of nothingness. But where is nothingness? Who knows? Nothingness is not nothing, but it’s a interpretable dimension. Nothing down here, nothing up there, nothing in the pages you’re about to read, nothing in Angus’ head… The universe itself, in the end, is nothingness. Because nothingness is the entrance, but where is the exit? Meh… In the mean time follow the signs and pay the fee to begin this voyage (great metaphor!) then we’ll see.

You’ll find something.

What thing? As One might say: everything is something and nothing is nothing. But a mass of microchips cannot truly understand that nothingness is truly something, as long as it’s like the number zero, or the color black and it has an entrance and an exit. Because if nothingness is real, nothing is more real than nothingness. And it’s best that nothingness happens, because nothingness is now! The Duck Avenger will know this well. Just as long as somebody finds him… And as you can probably tell, we’ve been irreversibly coolflamed…


Does your collection have a few holes? This is what you missed. Just don’t do it again!

ISSUE ZERO: Donald becomes the janitor of the Ducklair Tower and his life changes. He meets artificial intelligences, emotion-sucking aliens, and coolflamed soap opera writers. Nothing will ever be the same.

ISSUE ZERO/1: Secrets and mysteries are revealed en masse, mashed with exhilarating gags. Krampha, Szwarz, Xixt, Vytalix, and Zyke are some characters in never before seen fun adventures.

ISSUE ZERO/2: Strange events are happening in Duckburg, with tachionic disturbances. The Raider discovers how to power up his chronosail and he wants this power at any cost. The Avenger pays the bill.

ISSUE ZERO/3: It's raining Evronians. The going is getting tough... So maybe the Avenger would like to be somewhere else. It's a dirty job, and someone's got to do it. Which is why Xadhoom has made her way to Earth.

ISSUE #1: For the Evronians, Angus is a new energy frontier. For Xadhoom, the fight against the Evronians has no frontiers. The Avengers needs to pass the outer space frontier. A story with lots of frontiers.

ISSUE #2: The dark side of the intelligence reveals itself in all its devastating power. One, but mostly The Avenger, is crushed. For this reason Everett Ducklair is forced to get an airplane ticket Tibet-Duckburg.

ISSUE #3: After the failed attempt with the chronosail, the Raider tries again with the Othership: a means of travel into alternative realities. The Avenger helps him, but we pardon him: he’s just trying to prevent the explosion of the century.

ISSUE #4: Morgan Fairfax, from the Environmental Department, uses federal men and means to create a quake in order to overflow the West coast. Commander Mary Ann Flagstarr is under his orders…but up to what point?

ISSUE #5: The Avenger finds himself fighting against terrifying super Evronians. As bad as this might sound, it gets worse after it turns out he must fight them in the XXIII Century. To find out how he got there ask the mysterious Eidolon.

ISSUE #6: Norman Bates Russel’s field is invaded by weird pumpkins. He wants to show Fangus, but he refuses. If he only knew they were Evronian spores he would do anything to have them, just like the army.

ISSUE #7: Nebula Faraday announces to the maori of Cape Dominion, in New Zealand, the coming of an alien civilization. As proof she shows them a spore. This is a perfect occasion for the Avenger to try his winter clothing.

ISSUE #8: Two is fractioned into thousands of subfiles but, taking advantage of the summer vacation, strange business fusions revolutionize the market. And many files reunite, returning to a frighteningly operative state.

Translated by Trauma

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