Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PKNA #19 - Absolute Zero

Main story translated by Banker, back-up story translated by Aspargus32.

PKNA #19 - Absolute Zero
Bonus #19 - Burton LaValle

PKNA #19 - Absolute Zero
Bonus #19 - Burton LaValle

Big thanks to Banker for continuing to be awesome, and to Aspargus32 for doing the back-up feature. We're still missing back-up features on a lot of the previous issues, so if anyone out there feels like taking them on, I know lots of people will appreciate it.

Also, it only just occurred to me that most of the recent uploads have been CBR-files, and some people might have had trouble opening them. CBR is a format made specifically for reading comics on the computer, and there are are a number of free programs you can use to read them. Me, I use Comical, but I'm sure somebody in the comments can probably make a good argument for any number of the other options.

If you don't want to use any new software, CBR-files can be easily converted to RAR-files, simply by changing the name of the file extension - so you can just change "PKNA19.cbr" to "PKNA19.rar" and it will work.

I'll probably make some RAR-file mirrors one of these days, just to avoid confusion.


  1. You can actually just open them in Winrar by choosing a program to open them with manually. You don't even have to change the file type. :)

  2. I translated the back-up features for issue 13 to 18 into German some time ago.

    Translating them into English shouldn't take too long, so I could do these in the next couple of days days, if nothing unexpected happens (except the issue 16 back-up story, which has already been translated by zvbxrpl).

  3. "Me, I use Comical, but I'm sure somebody in the comments can probably make a good argument for any number of the other options."

    Personally, I use CDisplay (http://download.cnet.com/CDisplay-Image-Display/3000-18488_4-10162238.html) a simple & minimalistic reader.

    Thank you guys for all the new scanlations! Greetings from Greece!

  4. I mostly use Sumatra PDF (http://blog.kowalczyk.info/software/sumatrapdf/free-pdf-reader-de.html) which is rather minimalistic and can also display PDF files.

    Comic Rack (http://comicrack.cyolito.com/) is also not too bad, but it's anything else than simple and minimalistic. I use it mostly for it's built in functionality to turn PDF files into CBR/CBZ files and vize versa.

    As for Comics:

    "Angus Tales" from pkna 13:

    "Here comes Trip" from pkna 14:

    I found some ugly mistakes in my pkna13 Angus Tales translation I made two months ago. I hope I got rid of alle of them, but my Italian knowledge is still very far from good.

    I'll do the other two (from pkna 15 and 18) in the next days, shouldn't take longer than until sunday.

  5. Thanks Asparagus!

    BTW, I have tried Comicrack but I believe it's full of bloat. Wouldn't recommend it. However, I haven't tried Sumatra PDF on .CBR files (only on PDFs) I 'll do it soon.


  6. Meh, I just saw that in the 1997 spezial issue "Missing", "Baldo l'allegro castoro" was translated as "Baldo, the happy Beaver". So I updated my translation (I usually try to stick to names used in existing translations) along with some minor corrections:


    Also I have finished translating the other two backup stories.

    "Here comes Trip" from pkna 15:

    "Starring the great Burton La Valle" from pkna 18:

    I'll probably translate the "Angus Tales" episode from pkna 12 too, but this will take a bit longer, since I haven't translated it yet to German and the official German translations (sadly) never included back-up stories.

  7. Hmm. In my translation of #15, I called him Bold, the Cheerful Beaver.

    So what do we call that bastard?

  8. Yeah, sorry about neglecting your translation. I guess you took "Baldo" as a short version for "baldanzoso" which can be translated as "bold". Though a search on Google seems to indicate that "Baldo" is normally just used as a Name (for example "Monte-Baldo" or a soccer player called "Luca Baldo").

    Changing the name wasn't my only reason to reupload the "Angus Tales" episode since I found a few other errors and, finally, the preference in Photoshop, which kept turning my ' signs into the wrong direction (it didn't matter that much in my earlier translation, since the ' is less commonly used in German than English).

  9. Awesome that somebeody continues the translation! This ist the best (pre) Christmas Present ever!

    I actually thought of taking an italian class next semester so i could read the other issues in time.

    I'd really like to help with the translations, unfortunately i don't speak jack squat of italian (yet) and i only own the first 12 issues in german...

  10. Soooo... this next issue is supposed to contain quotes from "The Little Prince", so finding the exact translation... this is gonna take a while.

  11. I haven't started on issue 20 yet, but this definitely doesn't sound too promising. On the brighter side, it's pretty easy to find the different translation of "The little Prince" on the internet. So at least it won't be too hard checking the official translations, just a great expenditure of time searching through the book.

    Anyway, here's the last missing back-up feature from issue 12:

    Angus Tales - The wrong place

    Do you, by any chance, own the black & white issue 00 in German? I haven't found a scan of that yet. I only found a coloured version (probably the Italian original) with filled-in German text. Even though I saw a few clues on fansites, that the text is, indeed from the official German translation, it would be nice to be sure since many characters in issue 15 only appeared in issue 00 (and Disney loves to changes Names in their translations greatly, so they are more "appealing" to the language it's being translated into).

  12. I translated Mickey Mouse: Mistery Magazine #00 - Anderville, which a few people here asked for. If you haven't heard of it, I strongly reccomend you give it a try. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MM_Mickey_Mouse_Mystery_Magazine

    And now the links:

    Hopefully, Lord Birch will give them a little more dignified location in the blog soon.

    Props to Banker and Asparagus32 for keeping on with PKNA. If you need any help feel free to ask me: I'm Italian and I own the whole original series.