Monday, July 30, 2012

Bankin' the Duck


I meant to link to this a while ago, but then my little head got distracted by something shiny. I apologize for that, but here we go:

Banker has another PKNA-related project lined up: Bankin' the Duck, his new blog where he'll be going through the comic series while commenting on them in his own personal style. His own style being highly sarcastic, extremely rude and quite hilarious.

If you enjoy PKNA solely for their friendly all-ages charm, this may not be the blog for you. But if you don't mind seeing quite a lot of cuss words and having your favorite comic series lovingly torn to shreds before your eyes, I very much recommend you check it out.


  1. AH! Don't scare people like that with that pic... Christ almighty...

  2. It IS a bit 'I'm gonna devour your soul'-y, I will admit.

  3. hahaa , have to admit it's quite awesome!!

    On another note , may I ask whether a translation of the other
    Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine issues is in line?

    1. Since the guy who translates that doesn't come around anymore, don't count on it.

    2. Costas, MMMM will be reprinted in Greece soon! (Starting in September, I think...)

  4. It's coming...

    It's finally coming...

  5. And it's finally here.

    Love it or hate it, here it is.

    Fragments of Autumn: The Motion Comic

    Ah, feels good to have this project off my mind.

    Now then, my life suddenly lost much meaning. After I've banked Xadhoom, I'll move on to translating PK2...

  6. Whoa... Amazing. And when I say amazing I don't mean cool or fine. I mean truly AMAZING.

  7. Did I just read "translating PK2"? 2012 will go down in the history as the best year for non-italian Duck Advenger fans ever :).