Saturday, February 1, 2014

Monthly run-down: January + December

All right, time for a monthly run-down (which is a thing that I've just decided that we do now)! Here's all the stuff that's been happening for the past month (and a bit - I think we're really stretching back to just before Christmas).

Banker has taken on another series: The Double-Duck stories. If you haven't heard of these, they're a frequently hilarious series of comics casting Donald as a secret agent, with new characters, a bit of an overarching plot and a style that combines the traditional Italian Duck-comic style with a slightly more grown-up kind of humor.

You can find the Banker-translated four-part story by going here. There you'll also find a sexed-up depiction of Tempest Gale in a santa hat that Banker threw up for added festivity. If that's something you've been looking for, today's your lucky day. If you don't wanna be seen ogling Disney characters in their underwear - well, just stop scrolling down after you get to the comics. Banker's got your squeaky-clean Disney entertainment covered as well.

Then there's three new Pikappa stories translated, also by Banker (of course). These you can find by going here.

And then, perhaps most excitedly, something new just hit news-stands in Italy: PK Universo!

PK Universo is essentially an alternate universe-take on the events of the earliest PKNA stories, written by Tito Faraci(!!!!). It combines our well-known characters with a more traditional style, asking the question: What would have happened if the Duck Avenger had never met One, and was forced to take on an alien menace relying only on his old equipment and the aid of Gyro Gearloose. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it looks pretty sweet, it's awesome to see the PKNA universe get some love again, and come on - Tito Faraci!!!

Now, I'm not sure at all, but this seems like the kind of thing that could realistically show up on Comixology in an English version before TOO long, so it might not be a translation project fit for this blog - we do, after all. pride ourselves on only sharing the gems that Disney seems to have forgotten - but it is definitely exciting to see this is out there, and it promises good things for the future.

I believe that's all for this month - feel free to tell me if there's something I've missed. And if you feel like these blog posts have become far too irregular and undependable (and you'd be right, I have to admit), remember that you can always check the comment section of the latest blog update or see what's happening at Banker's blog. Those two places are where I get the vast majority of my information anyway.

In fact, let's make that the official policy from now on (seeing as it's what we've been doing for ages anyway): Feel free to share and discuss any news or updates in the comment section of this update, and at the end of this month I'll make another run-down of the month's developments. (I might make smaller updates too, if something urgent pops up.)

Till next time - Strength and Power (or whatever)!


  1. Then I will contribute to the eventual roundup with some new translations.

  2. And here's another set!

  3. "Now, I'm not sure at all, but this seems like the kind of thing that could realistically show up on Comixology in an English version before TOO long, so it might not be a translation project fit for this blog..."
    Too bad. All "Superduck" comics on Comixology are blocked for Germans.

    1. Doesn't help goddamn Comixology hasn't updated the comic is like months either

      Taking their sweet ass time >/

  4. Pleae, Banker, translate the Main - Storys of Superduck also. They are not on Comixology anymore and when it was on Comixology it were only the first issues. The short stories are nice, but ... it can never be enough of the duck avenger ( superduck ), and it can never be enough of your translations and double duck is not the same! Think about it, i am sure i am not the only one, waiting for the mainstories of superduck

  5. While I agree and would appreciate this a lot, I think it's important to keep in mind that Banker really put a lot of (great!) work into the translations he has already done and it's not fair to push him all too often on this topic. I'm sure he is aware that there is a lot of "demand" (sorry if this word is to strong, I'm not a native-speaker) for his translations (also for the main stories).