Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Duck Avenger Returns! For real! (And also, monhtly run-down for June)

July 2nd. Tomorrow. This is happening.

The one and only true Duck Avenger returns in TOPOLINO #3058, hitting stores in Italy Wednesday! No more alternate universes or reinterpretations - this is an ACTUAL continuation of the story that ended 12 years ago in PKNA/PK2!

It's also a new start and a chance to draw in a new generation of readers, of course, so it's not likely that they'll be picking up EVERY plot thread right from the beginning. But still - these are the same characters, and we're finally gonna see them again for real!

The first few pages have already been released as a preview. And Banker has been nice enough to translate the first one:

Man, it's been a while since I've seen those speech bubbles. Hello, old friend.

This is all part of a four-part mini-series that'll be running each week in the Italian TOPOLINO comics. And I don't know about you, but I'll be finding SOME way to get my hands on a copy of each of these issues. Not only do I want a copy regardless of the language, I also want these comics to do as well as they possibly can - I want more, dammit! Maybe I have friends who'll be vacationing in Italy...

Man, look at this thing. I want it!

There are lots of other details on the subject, but I'm admittedly a bit hazy on them as they all tend to be in Italian. Apparently the conclusion to the tale will be decided by the readers, though what exactly that entails, I haven't managed to find out. You can check out the official (Italian) facebook page for more news.

And if any Italian speakers are able to clarify or better explain anything that I and my semi-broken Italian have missed or misunderstood, feel very welcome to point it out in the comment section. I might make some modifications to this post as needed.



And now: The monthly run-down. Lot's of stuff on this front too.

Let's start with a whole lot of PiKappa comics from Banker:

Five to be exact. Don't say he doesn't spoil ya. Issues 16-17 can be found here! While issues 18-20 can be found here!

He also found the time to do another DoubleDuck comic, which can be found here:

And guess what? So did someone else: Over on Banker's site, Wiiola/rCORNERod has contributed two new DoubleDuck comics:

Here's the first one!

And here's the second one!

And back to physical comics: If you happen to live in Finland, you should check this out:

Aku Ankan Taskukirja (super) No 1 Sankaruus kunniaan

This awesome collection that hit shelves in June collects not only the first issue of Paperinik New Adventures, but also the first issue of Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine. And also some Ultraheroes and a bunch of other stuff. So go check it out and support the series if you can.

And that's about it for this month.

If you've been looking for the officially translated Pikappa comics online but haven't found them, by the way, you might wanna look in the comment section for the last post 'Monthly run-down: May'. I won't put it up here in a main post, but, y'know... I'm just sayin'.

So, lots of exciting stuff to look forward to this month. I'll probably be around a bit more than usual, so if you pick up some more news or important details, please share it in the comment section.

This is gonna be awesome.


  1. Ha, awesome! The official PK facebook page just shared a link to Banker's 'Fragments of Autumn' motion comic!


    1. And someone i the comments was kind to provide the link for version 2 of that video. That's how i should be watched...

  2. another spoiler from the official page:

    can be roughly translated as "put on your your good suit Pikappa! we have guests!"

  3. Hi! I'm italian, I can give u more info if needed! :)

  4. I did it! I bought Topolino 3058!!

  5. Hello my Freaky Darlings!

    First off: The new PK Saga, is EXCELLENT, though I will not spoil the return of ********, leaving that to Banker's inevitable Scanlation instead ;)

    Now, as for the voting thing, SPOILERS AHEAD:
    PK receives a key to the Ducklair Tower's "Omega Room", which is then discovered by the Evronians, so he must choose whether to fight, or activate the Self-Destruct Mechanism, & sacrifice himself in a pointless effort to take out 4 Evronian Soldiers.... Needless to say, the choice is rather obvious, but I do hope to see the alternative pages released at some point, just to see what a "destroyed Ducklair Tower" would look like.... O.o ;)

    The only downside to this is that it'll only be 4 Episodes long, & each Episode isn't the same length as the old "full-size" Comic issues we're used to, unfortunately :(

  6. Now, for some Spoiler-Free information: The New Saga is called "Potere e Potenza" (the Evronian's motto), which Banker has always translated as "Might & Power", & the Official Disney Translations of Pikappa have always translated as "Strength & Power", so whichever you prefer, really. Each Episode doesn't seem to have a Title unto itself, as next week's Preview simply writes "Potere e Potenza Episodio #2" (Might & Power, Episode #2).

    The entire Saga is supposed to consist of 160 Topolino-sized pages, which technically would probably translate into a slightly extended PKNA/PK2 Issue.

    Some say the pacing is a bit fast, others disagree, though I for one do feel they covered quite a lot of info in this first Episode. I'm not quite sure what the layout is for the introduced baddies to get their arses kicked, so I'll hold off on commenting on the entire Saga's pacing.

    For some MINOR SPOILERS: The story picks up seemingly years after the end of PK2, DD hasn't been PK for a long time, & the end of the year 2014 is mentioned at one point, so it's quite likely Might & Power is set somewhere near a decade after the end of PK2.

    Now for some SPOILERS: (You've been warned - REPEATEDLY).
    - On one side, they've taken the liberty of at last wrapping up a lot of old loose threads (though - SPOILERS - One & Everett have yet to make an actual appearance);

    - while on the other, they've introduced yet another Time Continuum in the form of - SPOILERS - an Apocalyptic 23rd Century Earth, conquered by our old friend from *COUGH* PKNA 05 - Portrait of the Young Hero *COUGH* which with his rise to power, brings with him a new type of.... "Super-Evronian" so to speak, for lack of a better term.

    - SIDE-SPOILERS: We've still yet to see how Everett returns, & re-activates One in order for him to become Odin, *COUGH* though it is possible our green-haired friend makes an appearance somewhere in this first Episode.... *COUGH*

    *Clears throat* Well, that's all I'm divulging, sorry folks ;)

    However, I will leave you with one parting comment; The Forum Post linked below (sorry, but yeah, it's Italian) states that Disney ordered 500,000 Prints of this week's Topolino Issue (which is A LOT more than normal, & is even more than what they ordered for Topolino's Issue 3,000 just a few months ago), which means they're expecting a lot of interest in the Saga. It is possible if Sales go as expected (if not better), we might be seeing renewed interest in a PKNA Reprinting, Official Translation, or anything at all really..... :O Fingers crossed!
    - Forum Thread discussing it: http://www.papersera.net/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?num=1193576647/974
    - Source Material for the Forum Thread in question: http://www.primaonline.it/2014/06/27/187347/panini-rilancia-la-tradizione-dei-gadget-estivi-con-topolino/

    P.S. - Did I mention the Official Trailer? ;) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETtaHB6f1MI

  7. A clarification about the current poll, as explained by Francesco Artibani: the true ending of this four-part story is only one and already decided, what users are voting is an event that will change a few pages in the fourth episode (the situation at the end of episode 1 is sort of a "decoy" for the readers), the two possibile outputs have already been drawn and which of them will be published three weeks from now, the poll will say when it ends on July 14th. Right now, however, almost 4 voters out of 5 want the tower to not be destroyed :D

    Hopefully scans of the story will come soon (there are already of PK Universe, I found the mini-series to be meh but the sixth episode is excellent and creates high hopes for Alessandro Sisti's tenure of this new "branch" of the franchise) and you'll be able to enjoy it outside of Italy too!

  8. P.P.S. - Here's a (Low-Res) Teaser of the 4 Covers for each Episode. The 5th is just there due to it containing the last piece of the "PK Blaster" toy.


  9. Read this first part. It's fucking awesome. So may old characters I didn't think they'd ever bring back. Continuity! This truly is made for the PK fans.

    Scans are indeed up, even though PK Hack wont provide them. I got a post on how to get it on my forum.

    Not gonna translate as of yet, I'm on summer vacation in America. Plus, I'll wait for all four parts to be released.

    1. I just came from Italy with MY TOPOLINO 3058.
      Have a nice trip!

  10. Hi pal! If you download the app called abbonamenti.it you can buy all the issues of Topolino with the Pk stories!

    Have a good reading!