Friday, February 5, 2010

Cast of Characters

The Duck Avenger
Donald Duck’s super hero identity is actually nothing new, having been around since the 60’ies.
Tired of being pushed around, Donald donned a cape and mask, and thanks to the inventions of Gyro Gearloose, he became a hero by night, fighting small-time villainy with various degrees of competence.
Now, however, he is suddenly faced with some much more enemies, as well as allies...

One is an Artificial Intelligence. He functions as the central operating system of Ducklair Tower, a high tech-sky scraper that was recently bought by resident multiplujillionaire, Scrooge McDuck. When Donald Duck was hired as the superintendent of his uncle’s new tower, he met One, who became an ally and a friend to The Duck Avenger. One also supplied the Avenger with some very high tech new weapons.
Vey few people know of One’s existence, apart from The Duck Avenger and his mysterious creator who recently left the country for unknown reasons, Everett Ducklair.

The series' main antagonists, the Evronians are a hostile, alien species, who wish to conquer Earth. They feed on emotions, draining their victims until they become helpless slaves.

They have conquered many planets this way, and hope to do the same to Earth. As of right now, though, only The Duck Avenger and his allies know of their existence.

Angus Fangus
Angus Fangus is a low-life reporter who was recently hired at Channel 00. Even more recently, the Channel 00 News offices have been moved to Ducklair Tower.

Angus is leading a one-man smear campaign against The Duck Avenger, mainly out of envy and general maliciousness. He has actually had some luck with turning the populace against the Avenger, thanks to his less-than-fair editing techniques.

Lyla Lay
Lyla Lay is another reporter working at Channel 00. This, however, is just her cover, as she is really an agent of The Time Police, a future organization that works to keep the timeline stable, by apprehending and arresting any ‘time pirates’ who tries to alter it.

Lyla is an android (model 5Y), and an ally to The Duck Avenger. Using her advanced equipment, she was quickly able to deduce, that he and Donald Duck were the same person. However, it seems that she can be trusted with the secret.


Xadhoom was once a normal Xerbian, before her planet was conquered by the Evronians. She survived because of a scientific experiment she was testing on herself, which altered her form and gave her incredible powers – she now has all the power of a super nova!

Awakening from her experiment to a world that was destroyed, Xadhoom dedicated her life to getting revenge on the Evronians.

She has allied herself with The Duck Avenger before, but her fiery temperament and immense power makes the Avenger somewhat uneasy of the danger she poses.


Brainwashed slaves of the Evronians, taken from the planets that the Evronian Empire has conquered. Frequently used as cannon fodder.


  1. Using her advanced equipment, to compare Donald and the Duck Avenger side by side she was quickly able to deduce, that he and Donald Duck were the same person.

    1. That is some Sherlock Holmes-level deduction :)

  2. Heh. I didn't even know they never made an engilsh translation. I recently learned it originated from Italy. I always thought that Paperinik New Adventures from America to begin with.

    Anyhow, nice to see someone translating it. Keep up the good work. :)

  3. Nice! You people are good!