Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Now, this is a very interesting development. The Duck Avenger - or as he's been renamed, Superduck - may already be available on an iPhone, PSP or other technological doo-hickey near you. In English. But not quite the way you know him from this site.

I should probably explain a bit of history, here.
There have in fact been THREE different modern series in the style of the ones you see on this site.
The first one was PKNA - the series you know - which lasted for 50-some issues total and won great critical acclaim.
The second one, PK2, was a continuation of the original series, though it changed a lot of things around, and was generally closer-to-earth than PKNA.
When PK2 folded, Disney decided it was time for a reboot. So they started all over with PK, a series designed to be easier to market to, say, America, or other countries that had never heard of The Superduck Avenger.

PK was ALSO designed to be more kid-friendly, featuring somewhat simpler stories and less dark elements than PKNA. For that reason, it was never as acclaimed by critics - and ESPECIALLY not by long-time fans of PKNA, who felt that it retooled to much. Still though, the art is gorgeous, and I suspect that it can be easily enjoyed, if you walk in with an open mind.*

*I've never read them myself, as the series was never published in my country, but I am mighty curious.

Now, Disney is bringing PK, the third series, to their Disney Digicomics line - so far available in USA, the UK, and possibly other english-speaking countries. As I live in none of these countries, I haven't had a chance to try it out for myself. However, I would LOVE to see The Superduck Avenger take off in English-speaking countries, so if you live in a country where the service is available, please give the new series a try.
If PK does well, they'll quickly be running out of issues for PK, and hopefully PKNA will be next in line.

In fact, I've been looking for the proper guy to email, to tell him how much I'd like to see PKNA get the same treatment. A thousand Internet Points for whoever can get me that email address.


Now, what will this mean for this site? Well, nothing yet. For one thing, we're keeping the Duck Avenger name. For another, we have a pretty big buffer right now, so for now we just keep going, and see where Disney Digicomics go. It's still possible, that Disney won't want to start the original PKNA series, and if they won't, we'll be ready to do it.

Of course, the goal here is to share the series with as many people as we can, so an official translation and eventual global access is the best thing, that could happen for the series.

So, hey, if you live in a country, where the service is available, and you'd like to support the project/The Duck Avenger in English-speaking countries, please go buy a couple of issues of Superduck. It's made by a lot of the same people, so you might just love it. Meanwhile, you'll still be getting your bi-weekly access to the original series, right here on this site.

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