Thursday, March 11, 2010

PKNA issue 1 - Shadows on Venus p. 54-59

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Let Disney know that you want to see an official translation of Paperinik New Adventures – here’s how!

Disney has already shown an interest in the characters – Superduck comics are now available in the US and the UK through Disney Digicomics! A growing archive of never-before-translated comics are now available. Here’s a brief explanation.

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  1. Do they actually swear in the original version?

  2. As a general rule, we try to stick as close to the original text as possible. So in this case at least, I'm pretty sure "Damn them all" is the most direct translation.

    Still, the series never really makes use of anything more than very light swears. But by Disney standards, I suppose it's still somewhat harsher than what we usually see.