Thursday, April 14, 2011

PKNA issue 11 - Bonus content

Alright guys, here's the update at last. I think we'll be sticking with just weekly updates for a while, so expect the next update on next Friday.


You’re at the bus stop and a thick mist just swallowed the shop where you just bought the latest Duck Avenger issue whole? A giant duck-shaped shadow armed like a spear-wielding barbarian passed by instead of the bus? And that shadow is being followed by a small but determined shadow, wrapped in a classic superhero cape? If your answer to all of the above was yes, then the worst is yet to come. Look behind you: the creature could be behind the stop sign. Stay calm: all the creature is doing in Duckburg is… depopulating. And don’t just say that’s it’s doing it because it loves passer-bys. And most importantly, do not misuse the X-Transformer: the controls are set on the bradionic paralyzer.



Name: Urk

Activity: Hunter

Origin: Planet Earth, alternate universe

Body type: Enormous, but extraordinarily agile

Strength: Extremely superior to any human in our dimension

Look: Big, heavy, and apparently very mean

Vocal tone: Guttural

Intellect: He’s particularly sharp, with extraordinary deduction capacities

Characteristics: Determined, almost to the point of obsession. When he follows a trace, nothing can distract him, for any reason

Emotions: Limited. When he’s hunting he doesn’t let his instincts impede on rationality

Equipment: Energy spear

Goal: To return to his Earth. But only after neutralizing his prey

Catchphrase: “Urk doesn’t have friends!”

Weakness: He’s nostalgic of his village


Synthetic biology

The Creatures

The battle between the Viking Empire and the Manitu’ people from the other side of the Atlantic is one that’s been going on for centuries. But now things are changing. Definitively.

The laboratories of Thor’s children have created a living synthetic entity capable of penetrating through the natives’ defenses.

It’s called the Creature. It has one goal: To survive, and to devour its only nutrient: Time.

Its victims, whose chronal energy is taken from them, age quickly and grow weak in the cocoons the Creature captures them in. It’s extremely hard to stop it. It’s invisible to electronic tracking devices, and impenetrable to x-rays. Its body can’t be defined. Cold obscurity kept together by neuronal reactions, it’s some kind of blob held by a net, in which floats a mobile brain, which is impossible to track.

It’s a lethal enemy that learns from its mistakes and adapts to each different situation it faces.

Its preys are kept in suspended animation in synthetic cocoons, connected to the mother Creature through a mental net. The psychic-probes inside the cocoons suck out the chronal energy out of the prisoners, depending on the needs of the Creature. It almost works the same way as spiders with insects.

On Urk’s Earth there are no effective weapons against the Creature. The energy spears are just restraining measures. The Bradionic Paralyzer of the X-transformer, on the other hand…

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