Saturday, November 26, 2011

A couple of useful links

We've been missing an upload link for #11, so I've finally gotten around to that. It can be found here:

Also some people have been having trouble with MegaUpload not working in their country, so I've made some MediaFire mirrors for the newly translated comics. I've already shared them in the comment section, but I thought it might be good to share them up here too.

PKNA #12 -
PKNA #15 -
PKNA #16 -
PKNA #17 -


  1. Number 18 is ready.

    And once again, only doing main story.

  2. Thank you, Banker! :)
    It's amazing, how people do these translations just of love for Paperinik.
    Can't wait for more (and, of course, some MM translations :) ).

  3. I am somewhat amazed it took me three days to realize that after saying that I wanted to share the links in the main posts, I entirely forgot to share the links in the main post.

    Well, they're there now, so hopefully I will look less silly to future generations.