Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Duck Avenger Forum + PKNA #31

Banker just went ahead and made another really cool thing: Our very own forum!

It's probably about time we get a place that's more convenient for discussion than the individual comment section. So go check it out!

Oh, and of course Banker also finished a brand new issue!

PKNA#31 - Beato Angelico

But seriously,


  1. Someone with the nick Murray has already registered? I don't see him in the members list, yet the application says someone has.

    1. Murray, you demonic talking skull, you're here! I thought you had been been kidnapped by mutated hillbillies, cut into little pieces by rusty gardening tools and fed to horses.

      Keep in mind that this forum is a small part of a site which hosts thousands of other forums. So... it's more of a case of registering with the entire site... maybe... dunno...

      Also, I've been buying some Swedish PKNA comics of the Internets. I'll have you know which ones I'll need translations for.

    2. Ha, jinxed, just had some arrive in the mail.

  2. I think a chat box would be a great idea. :)

    I have seen this feature in another forum of this service.


  3. Eh? Can't register because my e-mail address is invalid.
    Whats wrong with tom (at)

  4. So Murray, I see you're also doing some shopping on Tradera...

    Don't worry, I'll let you have those Pikappa issues. Not really interested in them.

  5. Here's the #32 scan, sorry for the delay.

    #32 Underground (300dpi):

    1. Okay, thanks!

      In the meantime, I've also managed to be almost done with the 1999 Special, just gotta put text in about 20 more pages.

      Which surprises me, because this issue is 17 pages longer than a regular issue.

  6. Alright, double feature.

    First up, Yosemite Sam in a big pool in Ducklair Tower! I swear it's him!

    PKNA#32 - Underground:

    Next up, the one issue that was never released outside of Italy... which is ridiculous, because it's about the invasion of Xerba.

    PKNA Special 1999 - The End of the World:

    "'I’m great!', Banker commented, without false modesty."