Saturday, March 10, 2012

PKNA #30 - Phase Two + bonus stories

You'll never guess who shows up in this issue.

PKNA #30 - Phase two

#29 Bonus story: 5Y - Completely Personal

#30 Bonus Story: 5Y - Oxygen

By the way, Aspargus32, did I miss one of your bonus stories? I wasn't able to find the one for issue #28 in the comments, but it's possible I've just missed it.


  1. The #28 Bonus story was tranlated by Banker along with the rest of issue 28, so it's already included in his #28 cbr file.

  2. ...Ah. The Emperor. I was wondering when he'd be introduced. The strange thing is, he isn't addressed as the Emperor here, unlike later in the Xandhoom saga... O.o

    1. There isn't nothing strange, because Zotnam isn't the emperor, but he is one of the highest members of the imperial council.

      They are similar to the emperor appearance, because their grade in the evronian caste is the closest to that of the emperor.

    2. Argh... I hate it how few unique evron character designs there are. I can understand it in the case of lower castes, but they actually have other characters who look like the emperor? *sigh* -.-'

      Anyway, thanks for correcting me.

  3. Also, Zotnam was already introduced in "Xadhoom!".

    I don't know if it was him in "Virus". There was another guy in "Silicon" who looked just like him called Admiral Rradokon, so eh.

  4. I found the original font of the italian PKNA covers:

    I hope you find it useful.

  5. @Aspargus32
    Oh, that's right. I was a bit tired yesterday, so details like that escaped me. Good to know that we're up to date. :)

  6. So, finally getting some break from Evronians after 6 issues in a row with them.

    PKNA#31 - Beato Angelico:


  7. As for forum stuff... well, I just went to one of those "Make a forum in 5 seconds" sites and, well...

    I know nothing about building on from scratch, so this is gonna have to do in the meantime...

    Should work well enough for discussing stuff, so eh.

    I'll see to have it improved in the future.

    1. How about adding a section for introductions? It's usually a good way to get people started on posting...

  8. And production on the motion comic... moving forward. Got a lot of people working on several roles. Only finished with Odin Eidolon and Chronocommander so far, though...

    By the way, was looking for a song for Vertighel's gramophone to be playing, and...

    Come on, how perfect is this?

  9. Great work, Banker! The comic is wonderful as always and I'll soon register in this forum.

    As for the song, it just seems perfect for a guy like Vertighel. I'd definitely use this old, "dusty" recording.

    I'll be away on thursday, so I'll have the #32 scan on friday or saturday, if that's ok. If you need it sooner, I can try to squeeze it in tomorrow.

    1. What's really neat is that there's another version of the song where someone sings some of the lyrics IN ITALIAN.
      Think I'll be using that for the end credits.

      And eh, I'm in no hurry, take whatever time you need with those scans.

      ... and I just hope those Swedish comics I bought soon shows up in the mail...

  10. Hi, i'm italian and I wish to help you with the bonus contents, but I need a reviser to correct my translation (I make them with a dictionary and google translate), because I don't speak english very well.

    Here is an only-text sample from the PKNA#0 introduction:

    Evaluate it and tell me if can be helpful for you.