Monday, June 11, 2012

PKNA#48 - The Parts and the Whole

 That's Banker back with the PENULTIMATE issue of PKNA. This is big, people!


  1. confusing, so it is assumed that this takes place before Time to Time as Lyla is still exist in the current time and time travel is still possible...?

    1. I had issues with this myself as I wrote in the commentaries in the previous post. My take pretty much was that the problems that arose earlier was somehow resolved sometime between the two issues.

      Until Banker gave his take on it, declaring it a classic "didn't happen since it was fixed" explanation, that is, which is entirely possible.

      Still would have been nice to get some sort of explanation on it, even if it would have been very similar to "Nothing Personal".

      But meh...

  2. Well I won't spoil anything, but IMHO an explanation is given in the last number: "E se..."/ "What if...".
    So this story take place between the last number and Time to time. That, chronologically, is the true last number.
    A twisted way of thinking? Sure, but PKNA is good because it doesn't take the simple path

  3. Also, where the story really does take place is the 22nd century.

    Who knows what point in the timeline the 20th century part of the story takes place in?

  4. Well... so here we are, then.

    PKNA#49/50 - If...:

    Now excuse me, I'm gonna see to it that that damn motion comic gets finished already.

  5. Wow, I can't believe it, I just can't!

    PKNA completely scanlated! Thank you guys for all the stuff! Birch, Banker, Asparagus, zvbxrpl, and anyone else that I might have forgotten, you all have my respects!



    well it surely great especially remembering that I am fan of Paperinik even before reading PKNA

    are you guys planning to do other Paperinik issue, such as Ultra Heroes maybe?

  7. Aaaaannnd done!

    What a ride! Can't believe it's over! Or some other kind of clichéd comment that is mandatory after a project like this ends ;)

    Seriously though, a big thank you to all of you who made it possible to finally read this comic to its end. I never ever thought that it would happen and actually regretted it a lot, but you people made it possible to do it (at least without having to Google translate everything sentence for sentence). So again, to all involved, thanks a bunch! It really meant something to me!

    And then there's PK2 of course, but let's save that discussion for later.

    But still, they really did go with the "Duckburg blown away from the face of the friggin' Earth" route? Hardcore!

    And speaking of Ultraheroes, that actually got published in the US in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #699-702 for the first parts and the rest published in its own comic book, Disney's Hero Squad, spanning 7 issues. So a scanlation of that one seems kinda unnecessary.

    As for other DA/PK stories, I've planned to do the second ever story ever since, well, ever since I did the first one. Guess I'll get to it soon-ish as some sort of filler while we wait for whatever happens next.