Wednesday, June 13, 2012

PKNA#49/50 - If...

PKNA#49/50 - If...

 How's this for huge? With this awesome translation from Banker we now have a translation of ALL 56 ISSUES OF PAPERINIK NEW ADVENTURES!

As this issue implies though, this isn't exactly the end - next up is PK2, and some of my favorite issues. If Banker chooses to tackle these as well, I'll be a very happy man indeed. But no matter what, this here is an amazing milestone.

People have started on this project at other times in the past, but they've never made it past the first few issues. We just finished a series.

Huge, huge, HUGE props to Banker who has been doing an AMAZING amount of work, and has been the driving force of this site for a long time. And a huge thanks to Aspargus32 who's done back-up features, to zvbxrpl who's done great work on PKNA and MMMM, to Murray who did back-up features as well, to Trauma and Rikard who did great translations when this site was young, and to Mirkl - who took the first issues of a great series, translated it, and shared it on an imageboard, starting this whole thing off.

(I fear that I may have missed someone - it was a long time ago, and the credits I used to write out disappeared off the site a long time ago. So If I've forgotten someone, I hope they'll forgive me.)

 I love how this site has just kept going. It's amazing to see. Thank you all.

Oh, and something I thought I'd share: A fellow fan sent me an email, and I got such a kick out of reading it that I thought you all should see it too. Especially Banker, Aspargus32, and... well, everyone I just mentioned.

So here, hopefully with the blessing of the writer, is an amazing piece of mail that I got sent the other day. I think we can all recognise some of ourselves in this.


My good sir.

When I was a little Swedish boy I loved the character Donald Duck

I loved his personality, I loved his design, I loved his temper. I basically loved everything about him.

One day, when I was about seven years old, I followed my father into a gas station. He had just filled up his car with gas, and we were on our way to the Norwegian mountains, so he told me he would buy me a comic book, if only so that I would keep quiet for the rest of the journey. Rummaging through the comic book stands I happened upon a peculiar Donald Duck comic.

In which Donald Duck was a superhero.

I pretty much pissed my pants due to all the awesome.

I read the comic maybe a dozen times during the trip, and I continued reading it until it more or less fell apart.

I managed to convince my parents to buy me another issue, and that kept me transfixed for months. They never bought me any more, though, probably because of their poor sense of awesome.

And soon enough the comic had gone out of production. I only ever managed to get those two comics, and they are now so worn out that only I can read them, since I have basically memorized them.

Twelve years after that fateful incident in the gas station I stumbled unto your blog.

I literally cried tears of joy.

I really can't thank you enough for all your work. Just know that I am immensly grateful, and that if you're ever in Sweden I would be honored to buy you a beer.

Or beers.

Or all of the beers.

Thank you. You are a wonderful human being.


How nice is that?


  1. What that guy said.


    Lots of beer.

    For everyone.

    And also everything I spouted out in the previous post.

  2. What coincidence. I was also on my way up to the Norwegian mountains when I got my first issue. That I lost. Stupid me.

    Well, no time for resting... Gotta make that motion comic... get to some of the bonus stuff... remaster some issues... Probably tackle PK2, who else is gonna... And overall spread the word about this series.

    Which I do encourage everyone to do. I can tell by the Mediafire that we have hundreds of people who come by this blog, and that the number has slowly been increasing. I think. Hope. Would be nice.

    Normally I'd just say my "last words" by jokingly telling everyone to go fuck themselves, but... um...

    Lord Birch, thank you and your former collaborators for getting this thing started in the first place. You can't believe how happy I was the day I decided to look up this series and found this blog. I probably wouldn't have started translating myself if you guys hadn't done the initial work.

    Asparagus32, thank you for your hard work with the great scanlation of the series. PKNA issues have never looked nicer. And not to forget your awesome work with the bonus stories I've 99.9% of the time neglected. Hope to see you have those finished one day.

    reloadfreeman AKA Murray, thank you for providing me with the Swedish translations of PKNA in text format, they've been a great help in my work. Heck, I had stopped translating at one point until you offered me your assistance. Wouldn't have gotten this far if it weren't for you. I'll be counting on you whenever I get to PK2.

    zvbxrpl, thank you for some of the assistance you've given me and your work on PKNA#16. I don't know if you're still doing MMMM, but your work on that series was also well appreciated.

    Blotling, thank you for the translation of Paperinik's origin. And good luck on the next story.

    Anyone else I'm forgetting, thank you for whatever it is I'm forgetting.

    And to the rest of you, thank you for reading.
    ... and go fuck yourselves :D

  3. I can't express how thankful I am! Banker, you're one incredible guy! thank you veeery much!

    Btw: special issue 2000 is missing from the download page.

  4. So it was. Fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out, Yoshi.

  5. Hello there. Congratulations on finishing the first saga, everyone. Nostalgia feels good especially when several people shares the interest. :)

    Big thanks to Birch for starting this project. I didn't even know there were three issues prior to the first one released in Sweden and I was pleasantly surprised to find an introduction to how Donald Duck transitioned from getting his gadgets from Gyro to moving to the Ducklair tower and discovering the AI, One whereupon he became a more modernized superhero. I'd like to thank Birch especially for providing us with those issues.

    And a major, Major thanks to Banker for his extraordinary quick and well-made work on translating most of the series. Your prowess in your work has been exceptional. Just give me a heads up whenever you're in the mood to start off with the next saga. It was a challenge to maintain a steady balance between playing Diablo 3 and providing you with the swedish translation. Sometimes I wish you weren't that quick. :p Still, you've done a great thing for many people. Well done.

    Also, thanks to Asparagus32 for the scanlations. Really great quality. Same goes for the bonus stories. The bonus comics have some of the best humour ever.

    Thanks to zvbxrpl for your work on the MMMM series. Good to see those finally becoming a thing as well. To be honest I never heard about them until this page told me about them. Thanks for getting them done. The read was well worth it. :D

    Thanks to Blotting as well for the origin translation. That was interesting.

    And of course thanks to all fans of the series. What good is work without anyone to appreciate it?

    In closing...

    If it weren't for this site, I wouldn't have attempted completing my collection (almost complete). It has been great to dig back to these fine comics of old. I was twelve years old when I read my first issue of PKNA (PK 6) After roughly 15 years later, I can still appreciate the quality of the series. It has a sheer number of great aspects like great and varying characters, the high quality drawings, good-paced storyline, and, in my opinion - most importantly, great humour (at least the bonus stories). I would therefore conclude that the series have definitely withstood the test of time.

    Great job, everyone.

  6. Thanks for these translations!
    I have probably read about 50% of them, but it was more or less random when the store decided to stock them. And even rarer with PK2, so i hope you continue posting the next series.

  7. I don't understand the ending to "If..."

  8. Thank you very much, everyone who provided us with the much awaited scanlations. For years I waited for someone to scanlate the series, one of my favourite comics ever, and I can't believe how long it took. I was overjoyed when I found this blog. Finally I was able to read the part that was never released in my country. I'll be eternally grateful for it.

    Now to wait for PK2... and to read the last 3 issues of this. I'll be writing about my impressions concerning the end of the series on the forum soon.

  9. Jup, same here. Thanks for making it possible to continue reading my childhood favorite without learning italian.

    I actually tried contributing by translating the old Duck Avenger comic from tolopino but I wanted to translate both parts at the same time, and before I finished with the second part, somebody already released the first part, so I killed the project...

    Anyhow, thanks again very much, and if somebody of you comes to munich at some point, let me know so I can buy you a cold one.

  10. Guys, I just want to say thank you for translating this. I picked up a few issues as a kid, and thought it was brilliant. I still have the first one I bought. So, thanks for giving me the oppertunity to finish this series. :)

  11. Simply wonderful! Thank you kindly to the considerable efforts of the translators in making this excellent series available. Congratulations!

  12. Hallo everyone,

    I discovered this This site Recently and I was overjoyed . Duck Avengers are one of my Childhood greatest Favorite and iam a Huge Fan.

    I Just want to say thank you to everyone who translated this und provided it. You all make an excellent Job, Congratulations. In Germany there are the most books unkown and only 14 of 56 are Published and I was looking for Years for an Translation. Thank you again.

    Good luck on your further Project. Now I am reading an looking for Pk 2

  13. Beautiful ending for beautiful series. PKNA proves that even stories involving Donald Duck can be ambitious and very intelligent without losing the appeal to younger readers.

    Huge THANK YOU to Banker for his dedication and translations!

  14. Hi! For the people who wants to have some bonus PK-Things, we are uploading on the forum the "PK il mito" Style guide.


    1. Hi! I uploaded on the forum another tiny Pk-Thing: The Pk playing cards.


  15. I think this would be interesting for the greek users of the site:

    The first issue of PKNA was published today as "Οι Νέες Περιπέτειες του Φάντομ Ντακ"! Go get it!

    1. See? Everyone goes for some form of Phantom Duck.

    2. A tad bit late to chaneg now though, I'd guess...

      Personally, I wouldn't have minded Phantom Duck, even though I feel Duck Avenger has a unique ring to it (probably due to the fact that it puts the "Duck" part first, which I feel is unusual) and a name that probably never would have been chosen had a PR department gotten its filthy hands on the character but we'd been getting Superduck instead, a truly generic name that I really do not like (however, I DO think it is a fitting name in the official translation of the Pikappa series, considering the completely different backstory in that series and the fact that the character is called Pikappa rather than Paperinik. AFAIK).

      And besides, better go with the canon name anyways ;)

    3. Well, of course I've become attached to it by now.

      Just love bringing that other thing up.

  16. So given that Asper is not yet back and I'm not yet able to complete my work on the motion comic (urgh...), I decided to burn some time by translating the rest of the I Am Xadhoom bonus stories.



    Enjoy yourselves, fucks.