Thursday, November 15, 2012

Off the Air

Welcome to another installment of Banker's Bonus Stories! This week: Off the Air.

 All of them!


  1. Nice, and many thanks again, Banker!

    But one question... Did anybody already do the Bonus Story from PKNA 34? It's a Trip-Story.

  2. Banker took a look at the sheer amount of puns involved and decided not to bother. I'm planning to have a look at it myself, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

  3. Well actually, it was the extra effort I had to put into removing the text from bubbles and boxes that made me decide not to bother.

    What? Me no good at edits.

  4. Ah, so THAT was the issue. I guess I've got that to look forward to, then.

  5. So here's the next batch of bonus stories, "Zen and Quantum Physics".

    #43 - The Dragon's Sleep:

    #44 - The Door of Comprehension:

    #45 - Mystic Aphorism:

    #46 - Reeds in the Wind:

    #47 - The Flying Syllable:

    I'll leave it to Birchie Boy to do "Trip's Strip".

    Also, I'd appreciate it if he could get his Danish ass up and add the last two "I Am Xadhoom" stories to the download section.

    For faen.

  6. Arh for helvede. I'd completely forgotten that I hadn't already added those Xadhoom stories. It's fixed now, though.