Sunday, November 18, 2012

Zen and Quantum Physics

Banker returns with tales of the Dhasam-Bul monestary.

#43 Bonus: Zen and Quantum Physics - The Dragon's Sleep

#44 Bonus: Zen and Quantum Physics - The Door of Comprehension

#45 Bonus: Zen and Quantum Physics - Mystic Aphorism

#46 Bonus: Zen and Quantum Physics - Reeds in the Wind

#47 Bonus: Zen and Quantum Physics - The Flying Syllable


  1. Awesome! These have always been my favourite side stories, and the last of them I hadn't read yet. Thanks!

  2. Aaaaaand here, finally, comes part two of the second Duck Avenger story, thus somewhat completing the origin story. This took way more time than it deserved but I had trouble being arsed to work on it because of my feelings for it, but I'll speak about that later. When I finally decided to get working on it, it went pretty quick actually. I've decided to change the name to "The Duck Avenger Strikes Back" after some advice but people are free to call it "The Salvation of the Duck Avenger" or "Talking Duck Dresses up in Super Hero Costume Part Too!" or whatever they want. Even "hurdi gurdi, i liekz pwetty flowrs, telytubyz n jusstyn beibur" if it makes people happy. I'll probably refer to it in it's original Italian name though.

    With that over with, I can finally go on to my next project, which should probably interest you people. Y'see, something landed in my mailbox this week. I'll speak about that and maybe some more stuff over at the forum later today when I've got some sleep.

    Just one more thing. Banker, do you have any good advice on extracting pictures from pdf's?

    1. Oh, for sure. Download this program called PDF-XChange Viewer.

      It's basically a PDF reader that'll give you the option to export everything into image files, with whatever settings you'd like.

    2. And yo, you forgot to translate a page.

    3. Sigh...

      And I even did go through it, even if hastily, to avoid this...

      I just forgot to export a page to jpg. It's fixed now.

      New link:

  3. great work on the translations many thanks !! may I ask whether a translation of duck avenger versus the contaminator part 2 is in plans ?

  4. Definitely, I'm working on it. I'm about halfway done. I'm also games reviewer and have a lot to do at the moment though, so the rest will probably have to wait until the beginning of next year, sorry.

  5. Alright , thank you so much!! no worries about the time just wanted to make sure the project was still in progress keep it up and good luck with everything!!

  6. So I finally came around to translating the second part of Duck Avenger and the Contaminator. There may be some errors in it (not a native speaker and not a lot of experience with this kind of texts) but I think it should be understandable :). For the ones how have read the first part already, here you can just get the second part:

    And if someone wants to read the whole story but doesn't have the first part yet, here's the full story:

  7. Enough with these irrelevant stories! When's Pikappa gonna get translated?

  8. Lol ^^. I'd like to do it, but I can't speak a word of Italian and there is no German release of Pikappa, so I can only provide lowly stuff ;). Seeing as your name suggests great translation skills, maybe you could be the nice person stepping in to solve our misery :D?

  9. Oh right. I'm Banker. I forgot.

    Eh, I've translated a little bit.

    I was making a collection of panels with Tempest Gale, so I also needed some from Pikappa, thus I translated those specific panels...

    ... nothing weird about that.

  10. I can paint a Gale into every picture of Pikappa (I don't want to say I can paint well, so I don't want to hear any complaints!), will you then translate the small rest of Pikappa :)?

  11. That would be so beautiful...

    But really, the thing that would give me most motivation to do Ultimate PK is complete certainty of Disney not coming after my ass when they're already selling their half-translated version which only 5 people have bought.

    In other news, I've used my collection to verify that roughly 336 panels contain my crispest Tempest.

    I'm not weird! Who the fuck said I was weird? I'll murder you!

  12. I don't think you can have any certainity besides this:
    1. If you google Duck Avenger, this blog comes up first, so Disney most likely knows of the translations here already
    2. It doesn't matter if they had an original translation, they could always complain over any translation
    3. they don't continue their Pikappa translations, so they most likely are not interested in that series anymore
    4. Usually companies just send cease and desist, so if you upload it on a server where you can delete them afterwards, you're safe

    Considering that only few stories were translated, we could also do it this way: You will only make the stories available in English, that are not buyable in English and for the other stories, we can translate your translations into the languages we speak and we online put those translations online instead of the English ones.

  13. I'll consider it if Murray manages to complete his Swedish collection. My understanding of Italian is still rough.

    Though I've been translating some other stuff. Expect it at a later time.

    And Christ's sake, Birch, make a post about the shit Blotling and Yoshi have done already.