Monday, September 1, 2014

Monthly run-down: August

So, here's everything that happened in August:

*crickets chirping*

All right, quiet month. If anything's come up, I seem to have missed it entirely. If you're feeling withdrawal symptoms from the amazing dose of new PK we had in July, just go and read that again. Here, I'll even link you.

I'd say everybody involved is allowed to rest on their laurels for a bit. But if you hear anything about what's coming up next, be sure to let us know in the comments section.

See you next month!


  1. "La Macchina del Fangus" ends on Paperinik Appgrade #26 in November

    Also, lots of reprints in November, notably among them Papernovela+Topokolossal, Doubleduck stories, Wizards of Mickey, Darkenblot, various Casty stories...

    Panini has been a blessing for collectors!

  2. Say, have you heard of PK flash mob?
    It was an event that occurred in 31st July in Milano (in Wow Spazio Fumetto museum).
    Those, who had the PK blasters would participate in a dance/performance (the dance, performed by a single person, can be watched here), while Claudio Sciarrone would paint PK and some other characters related to the PKNA series on a wall. A summarization of the happening can be watched here.
    The painting can be seen here (sorry for not posting a link to the photo from Topolino's Facebook, but I'm afraid my computer wouldn't take browsing through there lightly).
    I know this isn't something that happened in August, but I think it's something that could've been easily missed.

  3. Attention fellow Germans, a guy working for Ehapa on the LTB series had this to say about 2015 and the question of a possible continuation of LTB History:

    "dafür wird es in 2015 eine neue reihe (erst einmal mit 6 bänden) mit dem vorläufigen titel LTB ULTIMATE geben. protagonist ist ein in entenhausen nicht unbekannter superheld... chronologisch und komplett. fortsetzung möglich. "
    In English:
    "Instead there will be a new series in 2015 (for now of six issues) having the preliminary title LTB ULTIMATE. Its protagonist is a superhero not too unfamous in Duckburg... chronologically and complete. Continuation possible."

    So, the rest of PKNA? All of PK - Pikappa (would fit the format best)? Considering it should be something that could be "complete", are there even any other options? Exciting times ahead!

    1. WHAAA?!
      Agh, I can see it not happening where I live - even despite us getting only 3 issues taken out of context from PKNA...

      I'm still going to hope it might happen.

      Well, I feel happy for you.

  4. Here's a tiny little bit. For now.

  5. Actual translations!

  6. Again talking to fellow Germans: The next PKNA LTB Premium is coming! In 17.10., the seventh issue titled "Der neue Phantomias greift an" will be released and has issues (German numbering) 9-13, or, counting as in the original italian series, 7-11. All of these stories are rereleases, but as a bonus, there are five more short stories: The remaining Angus Tales and the stories about Trip. Those stories have never been translated to German.

    The next Premium issue with PKNA then will have to include a lot more new content, because after this seventh issue, only the main story of issue 14 / 12 (German / Italian) is missing a rerelease, so the next PKNA-Premium should contain issues 15-19 / 13-17 as newly translated main stories.

    Too bad that it will probably take another year until we can finally get really new issues. However, every PKNA fan should also buy this issue 7 of LTB Premium to show support for the series!

  7. Whoopsie, forgot to mention this translation!

  8. DoubleDuck Nr. 16