Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monthly run-down: September

August was awfully quiet, but September brings us a big ol' bunch of freshly translated DoubleDuck comics, courtesy of Banker (like always).

First up, two short stories, "The Egg of Rio" and "The Triumph of Love", both of which can be found here!

Next, we've got the three-part "Agent Zero" story, which you can find here!

And another big one, the four-part story "The Machine of the Clouds", which you'll find here!

And finally, a couple of fun little single-page stories that Banker found. You can read them here!



 And hey, here's something I'VE somehow missed, so I guess maybe you have too: After all those classic PKNA characters made their way into the Italian Paperinik Appgrade comics in the alternate universe-reboot that was PK Universo, they didn't just scamper off again - but have been consistently featured in short stories written by PKNA mastermind, Alessandro Sisti. So if you happen to live in or near Italy, that's probably worth checking out.

Meanwhile, if you're German, keep an eye out for "Lustiges Taschenbuch Premium 7" which continues the collection of the PKNA series in German. Yoshi provided all the details in the comment section very succinctly, so I'll just bring his quote up on the front page:

"The next PKNA LTB Premium is coming! In 17.10., the seventh issue titled "Der neue Phantomias greift an" will be released and has issues (German numbering) 9-13, or, counting as in the original italian series, 7-11. All of these stories are rereleases, but as a bonus, there are five more short stories: The remaining Angus Tales and the stories about Trip. Those stories have never been translated to German.

The next Premium issue with PKNA then will have to include a lot more new content, because after this seventh issue, only the main story of issue 14 / 12 (German / Italian) is missing a rerelease, so the next PKNA-Premium should contain issues 15-19 / 13-17 as newly translated main stories.

Too bad that it will probably take another year until we can finally get really new issues. However, every PKNA fan should also buy this issue 7 of LTB Premium to show support for the series!"

 There we go. And that's it for September. See you next month!


  1. I bring you yet another DoubleDuck!

  2. Someone order a DoubleDuck?

  3. I just wanted to remind everyone in Germany: Today is the day the new Duck Avenger LTB Premium gets released. Get it!

    1. Just bought it. In case anybody cares, I think they're re-translating it, instead of just re-using the older releases. At the very least, the missing pages from "Fountains of the Moon" are included in the LTBP.

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  5. Happy future Halloween, ya guys! Here's a translation for the occasion!