Saturday, November 1, 2014

Monthly run-down: October

Hey guys! This month's offerings: A bunch of brand new Banker translations!

First up: A four-part DoubleDuck story called "The Olympus Code" - you can find it here!

Secondly: A two-part story called "Pole Position" - which you can find here!

And finally: A horror story with gorgeous art by Bruno Enna, "The Strange Case of Dr. Mickyll and Mr. Hyde" - which you'll find here!

Hope you had a happy Halloween. See ya next month!


  1. News stuff, including upcoming PK stories, for those who can read.

    1. PKNE will continue in Spring and Autumn 2015 on Topolino as two miniseries(date subject to variation).
      "Potere e Potenza" will be reprinted, but where is yet unknown. It did sell A LOT.
      My personal bet is on "Definitive Collection", where Fantomius and Darkenblot are being reprinted.
      PKGiant was originally thought as a fanzine-like one-shot anniversary issue, and every issue should have a new cover by the story artist.

      Other news:
      On "Definitive Collection": it will also reprint Pippo Reporter and some yet-undisclosed Uncle Scrooge stories

      On Darkenblot: they are working on a third story.

      Also announced a Frankenstein story(like Dracula, Moby Dick and Jakyll&Hyde), but not before a couple of years.

  2. Translating DoubleDuck.

  3. And more of it.

  4. Bruno Enna is the writer of Ratkyll and Hyde. The art is by Fabio Celoni.