Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Monthly run-down: February

Apologies for the late update here. Not sure if anybody is actually checking this site instead of Banker's anymore anyway. I mostly just serve a diluted version of whatever Banker says anyway.

And this month I can report... well, nothing, really. Banker seems to be busy. Whether with projects or personal stuff, I have no idea, but either way I'd say he's earned as much time off as he wants or needs.

In the meantime... Well, I spoke about something I wanted to do a long time ago, and I still haven't gotten around to it. But I think this might be the month where I finally start doing some work here. (And hey, it's been about three years since I last translated something.)

Because there is ONE last part of the PKNA series we never got around to. And I think it's about time...

See you next month.


  1. There are several times when I look at those bonus stories, thinking about putting work into them and then saying "naaah".

    Eh, I should have some new stuff out myself this month.

  2. I keep track of both Banker's and this blog, and your monthly rundowns make sure I don't miss a thing! :)

    Thanks for the hard work!

  3. I'm checking your site almost every day and appreciate your and Banker's work a lot. A new release for us Germans has surfaced by the way: Lustiges Taschenbuch Premium 8 (short: LTB Premium) has been released and it has the first six issues (so #0-#5) of Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine: I've only read the first issue so far but the translation seems to nice.

  4. I almost thought everybody had forgotten about the Bonus story(s). (Ist there actually more than one left?) Thank you Birch, you're my here. (You too, of course, Banker.)

    Also, yes, I visit here regularly. I would still like to direct people to the forums, because I've finally caught up with the stories translated so far and while I would like to talk about them, it's kinda empty there now.

  5. Well, I visit this site few times a week, so yes - your work is appreciated. :)

    Also, really, really good news, Yoshi! Thanks a lot! Finally I'll be able to get these great series for a reasonable price. No better way to start a new month.

  6. I visit your site for the monthly rundown. Thank you!


  8. Sorry Gio, what is the link about? I can't speak Italian (basically that's the reason I'm here :D).

  9. That there's news about the next PK story, which comes out in May, and we get a little preview of its looks.

  10. Time for a new post.

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    1. That has always been my full account name. I just haven't bothered logging in when I'm around here.

  12. It's finnish!
    Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan!