Thursday, April 2, 2015

Monthly run-down: March

Welcome back to the run-down! This month from Banker:

Pikappa #22 - Valaubles in Transit

Pikappa #22 (bonus story) Paradox

This time Banker apparently had some help from an actual Italian person, known on DeviantArt as GothicBlackAngel and on Tumblr as meriphika7

In other news: HERE is a little sneak peek at what we'll be seeing in the next volume of PK New Era, with art by Claudio Sciarrone. The story will apparently be called "Gli Argini del Tempo" (not "Argenti"). It's out in May

The Italian version of the FIRST New Era story, "Potere e Potenza", meanwhile, will be getting an awesome Deluxe hardcover edition. I might not speak the language, but I might just have to snag me one of these. (Bigger version of image here.)

And if you're German, you should definitely look into Lustiges Taschenbuch Premium 8, which contains the first five issues of Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine, which is by the team behind PKNA and which is also fantastic!

The "Trip's Strip" comic is still coming by the way. (All four of them, eventually.) Unfortunately I'm also in the middle of some other, much more boring work, so they're still not done. I'd feel bad that I can't translate an 8-page story comic in the time it takes Banker to do entire issues, but honestly, that's probably not a surprise to anyone, so I guess we'll all live.

See you next month!



  2. Thank you for the hint about Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine! I think I should give Micky a second chance now (I always liked ducks more than mice...)

    And btw thank you so much for all these translations! It made me sooooo happy when I discovered the blog today! Now I can read all of them in the proper order without having to wait for the next trip to Sweden where I will try to complete my collection of original issues... (and in Sweden they didn't even publish all of them)

    So, keep up the good work! :)