Tuesday, April 20, 2010

PKNA issue 0/2 - The Winds of Time p. 51-60


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Soon, the dance begins!

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Seeing as this was the last of the previously translated comics, this will be the last Wednesday update for a while. We now return to our good old 'Mondays and Fridays' update schedule.

From now on, the goal will be to have one complete issue uploaded every four weeks. (Still divided into bite-sized chunks, of course.)

Next issue up is PKNA 0/3, 'Xadhoom'. The first pages will go up soon, but because of how fast the two latest issues have been uploaded, there's a certain risk that we won't have the new issue ready in time.

Hopefully we'll get the last details sorted quickly, but otherwise, we MAY have to skip this Friday's update. Of course, even if that happens, we'll still be coming back strong on Monday with the new issue.

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Overly long post explaining this: Here.


  1. I was curious if you were gonna translate the mini comics that were published in some of the issues like for example Angus' Corner? That would be awesome, I found them hilarious. :)

  2. Oh, definitely. I love those.

    Of course, the mini-comics don't show up till issue #8, so it's going to be a long while before we get to them.

  3. The issue before this one had a combined dl link at the end, so I felt a bit stupid when I saved each individual picture. This one does not, is there any systematics for this or should I just start saving them individually again? Thanks.

  4. Well, I've been going back and forth on whether to provide a download once an issue is finished.

    I planned to at first, but with Disney suddenly beginning to translate the PK series, and possibly moving on to PKNA afterwards (Well, I can dream), I started having doubts about it.

    I suppose my logic was, that while I want to bring attention to the series, I don't want to undermine any attempt Disney might make to translate the series. So providing an easily downloadable file on my site seemed just a tiny bit worse than the copyright infringement I was ALREADY doing.

    Think of it as my small (possibly pointless) gesture to Disney, showing that I'm not TRYING to steal their work.

    Still, that doesn't mean I have to force you to do all that clicking and saving. Drop me a line, and I'll hook you up with a download link.

  5. Or even better, ignore everything I said in my last post, and give me a couple of days.

    I've decided that this might actually be a good way to spread the word on the series, so I'll put the download links at the end of each issue.

    Then you can share them any way you like.

  6. Well, 'a couple of days' might turn into a bit more than that. But I'll get it done, don't worry.

    I'm working on a fancy little info-page, which I'd like to contain some pointers on how to contact Disney. So I'm cirrently working on figuring out the best way to do that.

    Shouldn't take me THAT much longer. But I'll make an official post of it when it's done.