Sunday, July 18, 2010

PKNA issue 4 - Earthquake p. 19-26

Introducing the People's Bureau of Investigation or PBI - Duckburg's answer to the FBI.

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(As a side note, I like to think that Dr Fairfax sounds just like Kelsey Grammer.)


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  1. thanks for the hard work but... why "People's" instead of "Duckburg's"?
    Yeah, it's to keep the acronym, but it is shown a lot less then Paperinik's PKs. I feel a more literal(faithful?) translation would have been better.

    On this note, a post on your translation choices would be interesting.

  2. Well, it was mostly to keep the acronym, of course. But in the end, what made me decide to go with PBI was that I didn't really like the SOUND of DBI.

    Personally, when I hear DBI, what comes to mind isn't a federal agency. It sounds more like a company that produces computers to me.

    Which is all very subjective, of course, but I made a choice and I think it works. (Also, unless I'm wrong, the difference between the PBI and the FBI never really comes up in the series. So the fact that they're Duckburg-based isn't vital to the story.)

    Hmm, speaking of the PK logo, I really ought to go back and add some sort of explanation for people who aren't familiar with the Avenger's original name.