Thursday, September 9, 2010

PKNA issue 6 - Spores p. 12-21

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A big thank you to Tera83 for allowing me to use his awesomely dramatic picture of the Duck Avenger to make these banners for this site:

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I've been trying them out this past week on a couple of different sites through an advertising site called Project Wonderful.

If you wanna help us out, feel free to put one of these on your site, your sig, or anywhere else you might feel like it. Any help is much appreciated.


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Disney has already shown an interest in the characters – Superduck comics are now available in the US and the UK through Disney Digicomics! A growing archive of never-before-translated comics are now available. Here’s a brief explanation.

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  1. Holy mother of FUCK YES. When I was a little girl, and that was a long time ago, most if not all Paperinik adventures were released in Sweden; I believe they were directly translated from Italian back then but it was impossible to see who was doing what as the "cast" list of who did what was still the original Italian one - inking, colourisation and so forth, which of course is good, but there was no supplemental Swedish information on who to contact about anything, not even subscription.

    Either way, I was an avid fan of the series until one month I had no cash, and missed an issue. Devastated that I couldn't get my hands on a back issue, I continued, but then missed another, and I couldn't stand it any longer - also the art and quality of the stories were rapidly declining, I thought, and so stopped. A couple of years back they did a rerun of the magazine, this time packed in cellophane plastic and containing a stupid plastic thingamajig in order to cater to more children and at a severely inflated price, but it had already been out long enough that I missed the same issue that I had years ago, and so didn't think it was worth getting upset about. Also, the initial 0/1 to 0/3 stories were never published, starting somewhat bewilderingly at issue 1 with no explanation as to how the hero came to be, how he got into Ducklair tower, or what the heck the evronians were. Dang shame.

    Which is why, today, I was exhilarated to find your blog and I couldn't have shrieked with louder fan-glee to see that you've translated the "missing issues", apart from what I presume is 0/1, but I haven't actually looked yet, I just needed to vent my steam of excitement. I always thought it was strange that Disney wouldn't translate a series as exciting and "violent" as Papernik for its English-speaking audience as it's such a welcomed genre, but I thought that perhaps that there were language barriers in joke forms or whatnots - the Swedish translation can fall rather flat at times, our hero laughing uproarishly in a panel while in fact the joke cracked is more than mediocre, or a pun.

    Anyway, long comment is long, so TLDR; thank you for translating this brilliant series, I saw your banner via the Project Wonderful rotation on one of my daily webcomic reads, and good luck to you in the future! (Consider translating further than issue 15 if the response to this blog is good: it's such a fun series). Ta!

  2. Glad to see more people finding this page. :) The cartoonist of this issue is my favorite. Love the drawing style especially on those exo-skeletons.

  3. @flowerpot

    Comments like that? That's half the reason I love doing what I'm doing. You just made my day.

    Welcome to the site, Flowerpot.

  4. Wow! That's really cool! That comment got me pumped :D

  5. To anyone confused by that:

    The first three issues were numbered #0, #0/2, and #0/3. People kept asking if there was ever an issue numbered #0/1 - which there wasn't. But after a couple of years, Disney decided to make one.

    Every year, Disney published a special issue of PKNA, and the second one was titled "Zero slash one" and took place between issues #0 and #0/2.

  6. Actually, and I remember this clearly, the whole #0/1 thing started on the first annual issue, "Missing". Before the actual story they had a short recap of everything that had happened in PKNA that year. And at one point they described events that happened in issue #0/1, which at that point didn't exist.

    So fans started asking the writers about it, and the following year, #0/1 finally came out.

  7. Ah, so THAT's how it started. Guess I learned something too.

    No wonder people get confused on the subject, though. These guys really had fun messing with our heads.

  8. About this: are you guys going to translate the Mail pages, the various in-depth files pages, the character pages, etc etc?

    I mean, the Mail pages lone were worth buy the issues, and a few joke in the comics(like the whole hamster thing) came from those pages.

  9. Oh wow! The mail pages were so much fun! But I doubt we will be translating those! The files on the other hand, I wouldn't mind translating!

  10. Translating the bonus features would actually be pretty cool. But I guess it's mostly a question of whether we can find the time...