Thursday, March 10, 2011

PKNA issue 11 Urk p. 5-11

The bonus content for Trauma is coming, but it's not quite ready yet. So instead of just putting up a delay message and an apology, I hope no one minds if we just get started on issue 11: Urk.

Original title: Urk (November 1997)
Francesco Artibani
Marco Ghiglione
Inker: Gianmarco Villa
Translator: Trauma
Letterer: Birch

Scans: Everett D. (

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Let Disney know that you want to see an official translation of Paperinik New Adventures – here’s how!

Disney has already shown an interest in the characters – Superduck comics are now available in the US, the UK, and Italy through Disney Digicomics! A growing archive of never-before-translated comics are now available. Here’s a brief explanation.

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