Friday, January 13, 2012

PKNA #21 - Tyrannic

Banker's back with another issue.




  1. A quick heads-up.

    As I'm providing Banker with swedish versions of the series in order to make it easier for Banker to translate, I should point out that I'm still missing the "PK Speciale" from 1999. I didn't realise that it's part of the first saga at first because it was released in october 2002 in Sweden.

    Mabye Banker can get help from other places, but if not, at least you know it may not get translated due to this.

    I'm still looking for missing issues on swedish auction sites to complete the collection. At present I'm missing a total of 10 issues - all from the third saga, not counting the PK Speciale from 1999.

    Assuming we get as far as the third saga, we may end up missing some issues there too.

    In closing, many thanks to Banker, Aspargus32 and zvbxrpl for the great work! :)

  2. Great work as always, Banker. I'll have the #21 bonus-story up in a few days.

    Are you using the Swedish versions for your translations and the Italian scans only for lettering? (just out of curiosity, since this would explain some translation differences i've seen)

    As for the 1999 special issue, I could probably make an English translation when we get to this point.

  3. And thank you reloadfreeman for making my job a whole lot easier.

    No, I don't just rely on what the Swedish version says. I do take all the Italian text into Google Translate first and try to make out whatever I can of that. If something just doesn't make any sense to me, I turn to the Swedish version for reference.

    Though there have been times neither translation made sense and I had to make something up...

  4. #21 Bonus Story:

    This concludes the "Burton La Valle" short-stories. Coming up next: "Evron: Extracts from the Infoguide"

    On an unrelated note; I started to do some editing on the Italian scans, to clean them up a bit before lettering.

    i.E. #21

    This wasn't the final edit, but it might give an impression, what I mean by "edited". If you haven't started lettering issue 22 yet and are interested, Banker, I'll probably have it edited until tomorrow.

  5. Nice work on the bonus story, and yeah, that does look cleaner.

    Though I'm already like... 21 pages into the next issue, so... next time, perhaps.

  6. @ Asparagus and Banker
    Hi, my name is Denny and I'm Italian.
    I don't speak English very well, but, if you want, I can help you with a basic translation of the phrases that you can't understand.

    If you are interested contact me at this email address:

  7. Hi Denny!

    Thanks a lot for the offer. I'll definitely make use of it, since there's always a couple of phrases per issue on which I'm not entirely sure I found the right translation.

  8. You know, this is one of those issues where you take one look at the cover and go "this is gonna be awesome", and then it turns out to be so awesome that the writing is too smart for you.

    Eh. I'm sure I got most of it right.

    Anyway, 22 here:

    Oh, and a few months back, I made a 1920x1080 size desktop wallpaper out of that cover. Might as well share.

  9. Oh fuck fuckity fuck.

    Of course I hastened myself and yet again forgot to add text to some speech bubbles.

    But hey, got new link here.

    See? Everything's gonna be jus--

    "Link Temporally Not Available"

    You gotta be shitting me.

  10. @ Banker
    Can you fix the link, please? It doesn't work.

  11. @ Banker
    Hi, I'm Denny.
    There are some small errors in this translation.

    1 - Page 5: "Non puoi non ricordare, perchè tutto è scritto nella tua mente immacolata" = "You can't have forgotten, because all is written in your immaculate mind"

    2 - Page 9: "Ho fatto il botto" = "I made the bang"

    3 - Page 16: "Uh, non ve l'ho detto? Visto che dimentico le cose?" = "Huh, I didn't tell you? Did you notice that I forget the things?"

    4 - Page 21: "In verità, sta processando le mie industrie e quello che rappresentano in termini di progresso umano e scientifico" = "Indeed, he is making a judgement to my industries and to what they represent in terms of human and scientific progress"

    5 - Page 22: "L'amico dei droidi" = "The friend of the androids"

    6 - Page 22: "Ha fatto di più. Vi ha dato in pasto ai giornalisti" = "He has done something worse. He's feeding you to the journalists."

    There is more, but it's too late and I need to go to bed.
    I'll Finish this tomorrow.
    Good night.

  12. Oh my, that was some fast work. It's probably good you didn't wait for my edit since it took like FRIGGIN' FOREVER. Just cleaning up didn't do the job this time.

    If anyone's interested, what was possible with this (I really don't want to call it bad, but I have to) scan, here's the result.

    I'll try to keep up with the bonus stories, but I can't promise anything at this speed, Banker is pulling off right now :-)

  13. On my attempt to translate the bonus story, I stumbled upon an annoying acronym:

    Sapienza Universale Per Entità Ragionanti

    The italian means something like:
    Universal Knowledge For Intelligent Beings

    The best I could come up with, was:
    Spacious Understanding Provided for Entities of Rationality

    If someone (especially the native english speakers) has a better idea, just tell me, before I upload this story in a few days.

  14. hmm you could use shared instead of spacious. You could also use Reason instead of Rationality.

    Shared Understanding Provided for Entites of Reason

    Hope that helps, I can't really make a lot of input when it comes to translating or editing pages but I'm a good thesaurus :p

  15. Well, this is annoying:

    MegaUpload has been shut down by the governenment. Thank God I started doing mirrors a while back. I guess this means issues #0-#11 are offline though, but I'll be uploading those on mediafire soon.

    I didn't get around to downloading any of the most recent uploads in the comments here though. So if Banker and Aspargus32 could reupload them on I'll be sure to get them up on the front page.

  16. Just heard about megaupload. Really annoying, even though it was somewhat to be expected since they had blocked it for a short time some months ago.

    Anyway, here goes the #21 Bonus story:

    Thanks a lot, this sounds better.

  17. I got ya covered, Birch.

  18. @Asparagus: A Month ago you asked me whether I owned Issue 00. Sorry for not replying, I was kinda busy with college stuff, and yet sorry again, but I don't own it. They released the comics twice in Germany and I missed them the first time, while they second time they didn't include #0 in the re-release. I could order it from Amazon for 30€, but I believe it's the colored Version.

  19. Thanks you, Atlantis. I found someone a few days ago, who owns the issue. I turned out the colored version I had found somewhere was an improved version of the official translation, since it fixed some obvious errors.

    To catch up a bit with Banker, here's the #22 bonus story:
    Evron - Extracts from the Infoguide 1

    Designing the title to look somewhat like the italian original took longer than lettering the whole story...

    I won't have the next bonus story very soon, since I still have to letter and proofread all the rest of issue #22 for my german translation.