Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PKNA #24 - Twilight

New issue! Featuring NO sparkly vampires, but SEVERAL high-tech cyber-Vikings.

PKNA #24 - Twilight


  1. Hmm... kay. Counting absolutely all of them, that means...

    29 out of 57 issues.

    Hey people! We just passed the "halfway there" mark!

    1. 3 cheers for everyone involved!

      Thanks guys! PKNA is an excellent comic, too bad it hadn't be released in my country.

  2. Although this might seem a bit greedy... do you plan on translating PK² as well?

  3. Whoa, not so fast. They're not even done with the first comic series...

  4. So, I see that next up are issues for the year 1999.
    Amazingly, I've actually managed to find all the issues released that year in Swedish, here on the internet. Well, except for the special.
    So if you're reading this, reloadfreeman, you don't need to send me any translations for the next 12 issues.

    Also, any native Italians here right now? Could use a bit of assistance.
    I'm currently working on a new version of #22 - Fragments of Autumn, though there's still some stuff in there I'm not completely sure of...
    So if anyone could take their time to like... point out the bigger mistakes I made in the translation and correct them for me... that would be great :)

    ... that's it for now.

    1. Righto. I'm probably not gonna keep count though, so I'd preffer if you let me know when you need help again. :)

  5. Oh, by the way, Banker, a couple of people told me they had problems opening the 1998 special - I had a couple of error messages too, although for whatever reason I could still read it fine.

    Still, would it be possible for you to reupload the whole thing, so we could see if that fixes the problem? I know a couple of fans who would really appreciate it. :)

  6. Okay then.


    Hope it works for you people.

  7. I have good news and bad news.

    The good news is that I found an italian online store which sells most of the pkna-issues and I ordered #23 and #24 to see for myself, if scanning them would create better results than the stuff from pk-hack. They turned out to be very easy to scan and the result is quite nice (I'll upload the #23 scan tomorrow).
    So, since this store has almost all issues on sale, I could provide some high quality scans.

    The bad news is that this store takes one week to ship stuff and they only send them on thursdays. So this means that a #25 scan would be ready at the earliest in two weeks (I'm only writing this, because the #25 scan from pk-hack is really terrible).

    I ordered issues #25 to #37, so I can provide these scans after they arrived here.

  8. That's pretty cool, Asparagus.

    In the meantime, I think I'll be using the Swedish scans for the translation. Believe me, they are beautiful.

    Wish I could get a hold on some of the later issues, but those torrents have no seeds and the only direct download links were on Megaupload.

    Next up was the Xadhoom Trilogy too. Dammit! Guess I'll have to wait before I get to read it...

    1. The Xadhoom Trilogy? Then you're where they started in Finland (except for the first 2 issues, after which they jumped to the Xadhoom Trilogy), and for the next 12 issues I won't have anything new to read... :(

  9. You're talking about swedish torrents, aren't you?

  10. There's a veiled reference to Della Duck in page 22, panel 2! Great!

  11. She's such an irresponsible mother.

  12. Since Final Fantasy XIII-2 kinda got in the way, I didn't finish the #23 scan/edit until now.


    This is probably how my future scans will look like (if all the ordered issues are in such a good shape).

    Oh, and almost forgot; that's a very nice edit, you did with #24, Banker.

  13. Speaking of #24, I noticed that I completely messed up the text on one of the text boxes.

    Fixed version of Twilight:

    Also, I've finished remastering PKNA#22. Hopefully there's no more mistakes in the translation.
    I also included Asparagus32's bonus story just so we can have the whole package in one download.
    Additionally, I translated the character bio page and put in that info page Lord Birch used to use.

    Remastered version of Fragments of Autumn:

    And what, you think I'd be wasting your time on old stuff? Have some new!

    PKNA#25 - Crossfire:

    No matter what dimension it is, those damn vikings are so high-tech.

  14. ... and yeah, Asparagus32, that's some nice quality.

  15. Thanks, that's good to hear. If there's anything, that can be improved on my scans, just tell me before I do the whole bunch. This first scan was basically a quality test (and to see if the double pages fit, or if there are gaps)

  16. No, nothing to say in that regard, really.

    I'll look forward to that bunch :)