Thursday, February 9, 2012

PKNA #25 - Crossfire + a few other things

Banker actually posted this a few days ago. My apologies for not putting it up right away.

Also, this is one of my favorite issues ever. Tito Faraci is awesome.

PKNA #25 - Crossfire

Also of interest: PKNA #24 had a few errors, so Banker has made a fixed version:
PKNA #24 - Twilight (FIXED)

AND he's also done a remastered version of PKNA #22:
PKNA #22 - Fragments of Autumn

Awesome, innit?


  1. Hey, reloadfreeman. As it's gonna take a while for me to catch up...
    Could you like send me some translations in advance? Starting from #35, which would in Sweden be Nr.1 Year 2000...

    Kinda went through a PKNA withdrawal after reading so many issues in a row... Not sure if I'd be able to wait like, 2 months, to read what comes next.

    God, I have issues.

  2. Thank you for the new release and the fix! Extra thanks for the remastered #22. It's one of my favourite issues.

  3. So... new record.


    The fact that this is the only issue beside the special one that was drawn by a lot of different artists, that's pretty cool.

    Also, I believe this is the first issue that doesn't feature One or Odin Eidolon.

  4. An issue without Uno? Not sure if I like the idea, but I guess Donald has to prove sometimes he can still do his job by his own as before.
    PS: Can I mention this site in the Patomas Facebook group? (Patomas is the spanish name of the Duck Avenger, based on Fantomas just like the Paperinik name is based on Diabolik)

    1. I'm sure Birch wouldn't mind. Would be great to have more people visit this blog.

    2. I definitely wouldn't mind! Go right ahead, if you haven't already. :)

  5. I just want to thank you guys for doing a great job! you bring back sweet childhood memories :)

  6. God, the dialogue in #27 is killing me!

    Can't believe I managed to figure out that "GM" translates to Junior Woodchucks...

    1. If you want I can translate what Q'wynkennon says and send it to you. Since he talks in a dubious phonetic rendition of Milanese vernacular, it is impossible to do with Google translate.

    2. That... would be amazing.

      Alo, nice work on MMMM.

    3. Looked back at the issue, didn't remember the translation was already in the box, so ignore my previous offer. Also in PKmail of issue #29 there's a letter discussing it. If you want to keep the effect of the original Q'wyn you could use some English accent (dunno, Scottish, Cockney, what have you. The more different the better) and then do your worst with the spelling. I hope this helped.

    4. Ninja'd badly... I'll see what I can do, as I'm not very handy with Enlgish accents.

    5. Yes, I see that now... I'll probably be able to do it on my own then :)

  7. MM issue #01 is done:

    Sorry for the long delay, but my PC broke down taking a lot of files with him.

    On to #02 now! To Mexico! Vamos!

  8. @Banker and Zvbxrpl
    The dialogues of Q'wynkennon are a little bit different to what is written in the box, because the purpose in this issue is to bypass the Disney's censorship.

    Maybe, it's better if you replace the word "Plutz", because in the italian language it has no meaning, but in english it really means a bad word:

    The replacing must be done with a word that recalls the bad word, but it has to be written in an "innocent" way.

    1. Ah, great. This chapter just gets more and more annoying...

      But what the hell, I'll keep Plutz in anyway. No matter if one speaks Italian or English, it's not like anyone's gonna know what it means unless they look it up.

      Also, more fun this way >:)

  9. I can't believe they put somithing this filthy into a Disney comic.

    And there I was, laughing about the black humour in the "Vedi alla voce Evron" comics and wondering, how this got past Disneys censorship. Italians definitely made the better comics (for example Mickey Mouse getting drunk in an early "Donald Duck pocket book")

    Great work on the comics, Banker and Zvbxrpl. I started translating again, so the #23 bonus story should be done in a few days.

  10. For Banker, I've translated almost everything Q'wyn says into English and I had it revised from a Lumbard (me mum). Note, I kept it quite literal:

    Page 20: Be careful, it's very hot [lit. burning], sir!
    Page 26: It would have been a bad [lit. ugly] thing.
    Page 28: what are you saying?
    Page 36: You stay close to me.
    Page 37: You dont' move.
    Page 38: Have you seen that thing, sir?
    Page 39: We were caught just the same, sir!
    Page 40: He told us not to trust (them)!
    Page 44: a) *no clue*
    b) You don't do such (things), sir!
    Page 59: So we came to help you!
    Page 64: Fancy that!

    I'm still not sure on the best way to imitate his speech, though. Should I have an idea I'll let you know.

    1. Hmm, kay...

      I could have that translated to Scottish and start messing with letters from there...

      Ah, I'll just translate all that other dialogue in the meantime so that I don't waste too much time.