Thursday, February 23, 2012

PKNA #27 - Mastiffs of the Universe + Evron guide

My apologies for taking so long with this. But hey! New comics!

PKNA#27 - The Mastiffs of the Universe

Bonus #23 - See also under Evron - Extracts from the Infoguide

Bonus #24 - See also under Evron - Extracts from the Infoguide


  1. So yeah, currently working on #28...

    Though I did take some time to look at the black and white Red Bat parody comic.

    And well, I decided to colour the first page. And translate it, of course.

    Might do the rest of them in the future.

  2. I'm still busy scanning stuff, but I had already made a transcript for the #26 bonus story last weekend. So lettering it didn't take too long.

    #26 Bonus Story: 5Y - To Salt to Taste

    I'm really looking foreward to the rest of these Lyla Lay bonus stories, since they seem to be not as "difficult" language-wise as the Evron comics were and I like the art style.

  3. Looking forward to, eh? Then I hope that you don't mind that I went and translated the bonus story from #28.

    I just felt really good about my translation in #28 that I decided to translate all the bonus stuff too. Just so I can cross this off my "needs to be remastered" list...

    Probably the only time I'll do a bonus story, though.

  4. That's fine for me. I was busy the last few days catching up scanning the issues 25 to 27, so I'm grateful for a bit less translation work to do.

    When will you need the scan of issue 29? Even though I'm getting used to scanning these comics, the whole process still takes about 10 hours per issue, so if you'd just tell me a day before you need it would be great.

  5. Meh, just sometime before this week is over.

    As late as Sunday, if you want. I can just have prepared a translation down on a document beforehand and have the whole thing lettered in a day.

    Though the next issue might take a little longer for me to do, as I'm also going to be working on setting up the special PKNA project...

    Happy scanning :)

  6. Aaand here it is!

    Complete with bonus story, extra info and quiz.

    PKNA#28 - Metamorphosis:

    So, did Angus have something to do with Agenore Brazoff becoming Lord Walrus? He he...

  7. You translated the original dialect with what looks like... Scottish? Did I get it right?
    Anyway that's real clever, ha! :D