Monday, February 27, 2012

PKNA #28 - Metamorphosis + bonus story #26

Banker is back with another issue INCLUDING the bonus story AND featuring some beautifully rendered bonus pages. And if that wasn't enough, Aspargus32 has finished another bonus story.

PKNA#28 - Metamorphosis

PKNA #26 Bonus Story: 5Y - Too Salt to Taste

Also, here's a little treat that a fan drew my attention to: The Secret Origin of the Duck Avenger - not the avenger we know, but one that was made as an attempt to introduce the character to American audiences.

As a fan of the Duck Avenger, the first thing you'll probably notice is that everything is just incredibly, horribly wrong. Donald is called on by his uncle Ludvig von Drake to battle the evil Zondarrians who have stolen the Universal Code from Earth... It's all pretty silly.

But it's interesting to read, and I've actually been looking for these comics for years, after having read the first part as a child. So a huge thanks to the anonymous poster for bringing it to my attention.

Actually - and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this - these entirely silly comics are probably the main reason this site is called "PKNA - Adventures of the Duck Avenger" rather than "PKNA - Adventures of Superduck". Disney has changed the official name of the character several times, so it was hard to determine what was the proper translation when we started out.

I preferred the sound of The Duck Avenger, so that's what I went with. Looking back, I actually suspect that this American mini-comic is the only time Paperinik was actually called by the Duck Avenger name in an official Disney comic. Since then, Disney seems to have settled on calling him Superduck.

Still, we're more than 30 comics in now, so it seems a bit late to change the name of the main character. Calling him Superduck at this stage would just seem weird (to me, at least). Plus, I just plain like the Duck Avenger name. So I think we'll keep it.

Even if the comic it came from IS hilariously silly. Remember to check it out, by the way. :)


  1. Always preferred Phantom Duck myself.

    Take the P at the start and the K at the end, and you get PK.


    How do you all like the idea of a..


    Just something I've been trying to set up...



    A PKNA Motion Comic?

  2. Ha ha! that "Secret Origin" story should be called "How to not do a PK story"! Donald is portrayed as clumsy, coward and generally incompetent, triumphing by sheer luck. In contrast, the purpose of PK, either as his original "villain protagonist" role or as his current heroic role, is to show the hidden depths of badassery that Donald has.
    At least the PKNA translations have kept "Evronians" instead of "Zondarrians"

  3. I think "Duck Avenger" fits his character best, since it very well reflects his intents in his very first (european) appearances; He didn't intend to become a superhero to help poeple, he just used this new identity for personal gain, always threatening poeple he didn't like as Donald with the wrath/revenge of his alter ego.

    "Paperinik" just doesn't fit well in an English context and "Superduck" rather leads to the belive that he has superpowers, while its really all just gadgets and stuff.

  4. Thank you very much Banker!

    Hmm, to me 'Duck Avenger' sounds better to say than 'Phantom Duck' but I really like how the latter has PK in there. I still can't believe Superduck is the official name.

    I don't really know what a motion comic is, but it sounds good.

  5. Well, a motion comic, it's basically... A comic book in video form with voice acting, sound effects, music... sometimes it's a tiny bit animated too, but... I'm not going that far...

    So, that's what I'm planning to do. I think I'll only be able to do this once, so for this one I'm doing the issue that is considered the best by the majority (Fragments of Autumn), and hopefully incorporating this into video format... Well, could help up people's interest.

    I've gotta wait a bit before I start rounding up voice actors, though. Gotta make sure I get people's attention again on YouTube...

  6. Scan PKNA #29 - Virus (300 dpi)

    @Banker: On some pages of the main issue the illustrator seems to have deliberately avoided any 90° angles, so they look rather lopsided. Feel free to rotate them, if you think they could be better aligned, I just tried my best since there weren't many indicators how to properly align them.
    I don't think that's an error in the print since other scans look pretty much the same on these pages.

    1. Okay, thanks.

      Ah, I always like it when an issue doesn't have that much text...

      For all the wrong reasons.

  7. One problem is just gonna be...

    How the hell should Donald sound like?

    I've... never been able to imagine it while reading, he he...

  8. I never liked how he sounded in the older movies. It must be rather difficult to talk that way and it's a pain in the behind to actually understand what he's saying.

    But if you really plan on pulling this off, you might not get around it, since his vocalization is just too well known all around the globe. It also wouldn't make sense if he started talking normally, just because he's wearing a costume.

    But that's just my thougths and maybe even the native english speakers are annoyed by his vocalization and would prefer a less... quacky voice.

    1. Try to watch Donald's movie "Donald's dream voice".
      It could be the solution that you are searching for the PK voice.

  9. I remember in that old videogame based on the PK comics, One was the one to give Donald his brand new costume and secret identity - and also a "cooool new voice [sic]".

    The voice itself was kind of horrible, but the idea of giving him a seperate voice for when he's the Duck Avenger makes a certain amount of sense to me. How else are you gonna understand him?

    (I guess that would still be an issue with Donald-heavy issues, but for most issues it wouldn't be a problem.)

    1. This idea could be good, but it has to be adapted for PKNA, because the videogame was based on the third "Frittole" series.

      The Duck Avenger, in PKNA, theoretically had the double voice before his first meeting with One, so the different voice can be created with a special Gyro Gearloose's gadget, or with the special "Change voice pill" shown in the old movie "Donald's dream voice".

      @Banker - For the voice of Donald, you can use a voice that sound like Classic Donald, but with the subtitles.

  10. Well, think about South Park. Kenny's normal Voice vs him talking as Mysterion. :D

  11. Bah, screw explanation and everything, I'll just be going with a normal voice because...

    How big are my chances of finding someone who can do a Donald Duck voice anyways?

    Although, this is all going to depend on if I can get enough people in on this one thing they've probably never heard of.

    I'll have a video up about it soon, so we'll see how it goes...

    Oh yeah, I'll be having the #29 translation up soon too.

  12. For all German PKNA fans: In the new Lustiges taschenbuch Premium there are issues 0-4 (German numbering) of PKNA and also a few bonus stories. Buy it, especially as this might very well be our last chance for an official German translation of the remaining comics.

  13. @Yoshi

    I too bought it yesterday. I just hope they keep up this time and don't stop after a few issues like the last two times...
    I urge all the german readers here to buy it, since this may be our only chance to show them people are interested in the series.

    #27 Bonus story: 5Y - Gossip

    I had to change the title since it contained a joke I wasn't able to translate;
    "Indice d'ascolto" means "Ratings" but can also be literally translated to "Signs of evesdropping". Since neither of these two would make much sense I decided to go with the overall theme as title.

  14. I was wondering for a while if the writers had forgotten about Wisecube.

    PKNA#29 - Virus:

    And as such, I've started the... "recruiting" of the PKNA Motion Comic.

    I always feel like such a shithead when I have to beg people like this...

    Now, I don't know if there's anyone here who feels strong in their talent of speech, but hey, if anyone thinks they're up to it...

    We'll see how this goes.

  15. Thanks for the Heads-Up, I'm gonna go buy it the second I wake up.

    This means I'm gonna have to break my "Black March" Pledge, though.

  16. I just read the Epilogue where PK sais goodbye to Gyro, and it was so sad! :(
    Was this actually released somewhere before? I really can't remember it...

  17. Aside from my translation of the '98 special issue into German two months ago, it had never been officially translated until now.

    On this page:
    you can see which stories are reprints and which where released for the first time in Germany.

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  19. I actually suspect that this American mini-comic is the only time Paperinik was actually called by the Duck Avenger name in an official Disney comic. Since then, Disney seems to have settled on calling him Superduck.

    I was an editor with Gemstone Publishing, and we called Duck Avenger Duck Avenger here and here (make sure to check that last one out: hyper-elaborate story based on the early 1970s Italian continuity).

    The BOOM! Studios Disney comics of 2009-2010 also called him Duck Avenger.

    "Superduck" was his British name for years. Not sure how it began being used here, but it's evidently a recent thing.

  20. Is there any way to read/download that "Secret origins" story?
    (I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few people, who actually prefer the name Superduck - which doesn't actually have to mean he's got to have any superpowers, IMO)