Thursday, February 16, 2012

PKNA #26 - Time flies AND MMMM #1 - The Link

Sorry I'm late with this, guys, I was out of the country for a while. But in the meantime both Banker and zvbxrpl have finished awesome new issues:

PKNA #26 - Time Flies

MMMM #1 - The Link

(Feel completely free to just ignore the end pages of MMMM, by the way. Apparently someone at Disney decided that the whole series was just TOO bad-ass, and some silly "Oh-wait-it's just-a-film"-framing device was added. Far as I can tell, the story still works perfectly well if you just ignore the final pages and assume that everything is really happening, so that's what I'M gonna do.)

Also, Aspargus32 is getting back to translating bonus stories, so we'll probably see a lot more of those soon, too. Cool, isn't it?

Which reminds me, are there any Italian speakers out there who might be interested in translating some of the bonus content we tend to skip, but which is actually really awesome? We used to do bonus content in blog post-format - like this, this, or this - but only for issues #6-#11.
So if somebody's interested in picking that up again, let me know. If you do the words, I'll take care of the formatting. :)


  1. I really can't thank you enough for all of your work in translating. You're awesome!

  2. I myself had thought of making a compilation of all the bonus content once every issue of PKNA had been translated. At least the character bios...

    Of course, that's very far away...

  3. See also under Evron - Extracts from the infoguide 2:

    The third Evron comic will be a nightmare, because it's proverbs all over the place. Though it still shouldn't take longer than a few days.

    Thankfully issue 25 doesn't have a bonus story, so I didn't fall as far behind as I thought. The #26 bonus story isn't included in the scan from pk hack, so I have to wait until the issue arrives before I can start translating (which should be tomottow, but you never know).

  4. I'll take up on translating the bonus content too. It shouldn't take up much time, anyway. But PKhack seems to be down, and on my PC I only have a few issues, so I'll have to wait until it goes up again or find the box with my old PKNAs.

    @LordBirch: I'll send you the translation of issue #27 bonus content very soon.

    @ Banker: I've translated even the last Q'wyn line, the one for which I previously had *no clue*, it says: "We alone?"

  5. Also, I really doubt Plutz is supposed to mean what the Urban Dictionary says. I think all those word were just random "space swearing" the writer had made up.

    From the way Neopard uses it, I think Plutz is supposed to mean "fuck" or "shit" or something like that.

    ... oh, the writer is Alessandro Sisti. Makes sense, the guy always manages to insert confusing technobable in his stories.

  6. Awesome! I have had a horrible day, this really brightened it up! :)

  7. Ok, guys, this is going to be a lot of text but I definitely need some help with the proverbs from "Evron – Extracts from the Infoguide 3". My Italian and English understanding isn't nearly advanced enough to translate most of these proverbs in a fitting manner.

    This comic is all about proverbs, which are often changed to fit for the Evronians. I managed to find most of the Italian originals, but not all of them.

    I would really appreciate native English speakers commenting on my translations and suggesting more fitting alternatives if necessary.

    These are the proverbs used:

    Original: "È meglio l'uovo oggi che la gallina domani." = "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

    Comic: "Meglio un asteroide oggi che la galassia domani." = "A asteroid in the hand is better than two galaxies in the bush"

    Original: "A caval donato non si guarda in bocca." = "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."

    Comic: "A gopho [strange animal] donato non si guarda in bocca." = "Don't look a gift gopho in the mouth."

    Original: "Fra il dire e il fare c'è di mezzo il mare." = "Between saying and doing lies an ocean" (didn't find an official translation)

    Comic: "Fra il dire e il fare c'è di mezzo marte." = "Between saying and doing lies the Mars"

    Original: No clue

    Comic: "Canta che ti passa" = "Sing as you please"

    Original: "chi dorme non pecca... e chi ha peccato, poi dorme meglio. " = "He who sleeps does not sin... and he who has sinned sleeps better afterwards." (didn't find an official translation)

    Comic: "chi dorme non piglia gheirg [fishes]... e i gheirg lo pigliano." = "He who sleeps does not catch gheirgs... and the gheirgs catch him."

    Original: No clue

    Comic: "L'erba voglio non cresce nemmeno nel giardino dell'imperatore" = "The grass won't even grow in the emperor's garden."

    "Non c'è il due senza tre" = "Third time is a charm."

    Original: "Il primo gallo che canta ha fatto l'uovo!" = "The first cock to sing has laid an egg!" (didn't find an official translation)

    Comic: " Il primo gopho che canta ha fatto l'uovo!" = "The first gopho to sing has laid an egg!"

    Original: "Non c'è pane senza pena." = "No sweet without sweat."

    Comic: "Non c'è rosa senza spine." = "No rose without thorns."

    Original: "Non piangere sul latte versato." = "There's no use crying over spilt milk."

    Comic: "Non piangere sul lattice lubrificante biosintetico versato." = "There's no use crying over spilt biosynthetic lubricant."

    "L'erba del vicino è sempre più verde" = "The grass is always greener on the other side."

    "Il Buongiorno Si Vede Dal Mattino" = "You can recognise a good day in the morning" (didn't find an official translation)

    "Il mattino ha l'oro in bocca"= "The early bird catches the worm."


    "Il silencio è d'oro" = "Silence is golden"

    Original: "Meglio soli che male accompagnati." = "Better to be alone than to hook up with the wrong crowd" (didn't find an official translation)

    Comic: "Meglio soli che male accompagnati da molti gophi." = "Better to be alone than to hook up with a crowd of gophos"

    Original: "Chi prima arriva meglio alloggia." = "First come, first served."

    Comic: "Chi tardi arriva male alloggia." = "Last come, last served."

  8. The following proverbs are twisted in their original meaning (at least that's the impression I got while reading the comic)

    Original: No clue

    Comic: "L'imperatore ha sempre ragione." = "The emperor is always right."

    Original: No clue

    Comic: "Neesuno è perfetto tranne l'imperatore" = "Nobody, except the emperor, is perfect"

    Original: No clue

    Comic: "Se l'imperatore comanda, l'evroniano asseconda!" = "If the emperor commands, the evronian follows [his orders]!"

    Original: No clue

    Comic: "L'imperatore troppo vuole e tutto stringe" = "The emperor wants too much and holds on to everything"

  9. I won't talk much about the english translation, but there are a couple of errors with the original ones:

    4 "Canta che ti passa" is the original one

    5 The original is "Chi dorme non piglia pesci"

    6 This is gonna be long. The original has "re" (king) switched in for "imperatore" but is the same for the rest, its meaning is more or less "You can't always get what you want". "Erba voglio" is an expression meaning an imaginary type of grass: the 'I-want grass' so a literal translation would be "The 'I-want grass' does not grow even in the emperor's garden" while a more idiomatic one would be "Not even the Emperor can always get what he wants", but I'm not sure this last one can fit with the panels shown, though.

    9 "Non c'è rosa senza spine." is an actual expression, the idiomatic translation should be "Every rose has its thorns", if I'm not mistaken.

    17 I think the original is "Il cliente ha sempre ragione"-"The customer is always right." Translation looks spot on, though.

    18 "Nessuno è perfetto" is the original one. I'd translate it as "Nobody's perfect, but the Emperor" to keep the order of the Italian one, but that's just me.

    20 Original "Chi troppo vuole nulla stringe"

    I hope this helped.

  10. Thanks a lot, this really helps.

    I spent this afternoon looking for web-pages which list Italian proverbs, but all of them seem to be rather incomplete. So now that I know the originals for sure, I'll keep looking for translations to those specifically.

  11. So, I updated some of the translations with the information I found online:

    "Whistle in the dark"

    This seems to be an expression when you don't try to be afraid.

    "Chi dorme non piglia pesci" apparently means the same as "The early bird catches the worm." so I changed it to:

    "The late evronian doesn't catch the gheirg"

    This could even add a joke in English, because late is the opposite of early but can also mean "died some time ago", considering what happens to this guy in the comic :P

    I'll probably use your suggestion

    "Not even the Emperor can always get what he wants"

    Though it's really difficult to find a good expression since the "I-want grass" is later used again.

    "Chi prima arriva meglio alloggia." is rather tricky, because "alloggiare" can also mean "to accommodate someone" on which the joke in the comic relies, so "Last come, last served." doesn't really fit very well.

    "Nobody is perfect, except the emperor."

    As you said, this better reflects how the proverb was twisted later.

    Since "Chi troppo vuole nulla stringe" means about the same as "He who wants everything, will end up with nothing" I changed it to:

    "The emperor wants everything and will end up with everything"

    There's also another one in the comic, I forgot, but this doesn't seem to be a real Proverb.

    "Sempre gioia, gloria e onore al nostro caro imperatore" = "[Always] joy, glory and honour to our dear emperor."

  12. Hello , just saw asparagus comment and i wanted to assure you for #4 that it actually is an expression which is very commonly used in greek , for example when you return to your home late at night you whistle to cheer yourself up , that sort of thing , anyways , amazing work guys , can't thank you enough , keep up the good work!

  13. Thank you all once again for these awesome comics! :D

  14. Kay, I think I've got Q'wynkennon's sentences gibberished enough.

    Though there's this one normal sentence I have yet to figure out:

    "... che ha elaborato elettronicamente il tuo tri-polpettone."

    Meatloaf? What?

  15. Polpettone seems to be meat loaf, as you suggested.

    So my trabslation (whithout having read the context) would be:

    "...which/who has prepared your triple serving of meatloaf electronically."

  16. Polpettone do is meat loaf, but it is used figuratively to mean something long and boring.


    Also, it has the third panel of page 47 messed up. Keep with the good work, guys!

  18. Well, okay... Donald is gonna watch this trilogy... and by long and boring... and the "tri" added... so One's referring to the Star Battles movies as being never-ending snooze-fests?

    Is this making fun of The Phantom Menace? It came out the same year...

    Kay, just gotta find an appropriate word to use, then...

    By the way, Asparagus, have you received those issues yet?

  19. Fixed the panel. Thanks ankoku. New link:

  20. @Banker: They haven't arrived yet but it's probably just the sluggish Swiss postal service trying to piss me off.

  21. Since there weren't any more comments on the English proverbs, except zvbxrpl great help with the Italian originals, I lettered it in its current state.

    See also under Evron - Extracts from the Infoguide 3:

    If there are any suggestions to improve the used proverbs, just write them here and I'll update the translation.

  22. Great work as always, Asper.

    Also, next issue!

    PKNA#27 - The Mastiffs of the Universe:

    George Duckas better not make any PKNA prequels.

    Also, Birchy, regarding the download section...

    The link for Twilight needs to be replaced with the new one.

    Same goes for Fragments of Autumn, though you can also replace the link for the bonus story, as it's included in the remastered version.

    Also, you've asked me to reupload the 1998 special... and I'll guess that you haven't noticed the ling I've posted, so... here it is again.

    That should be all :)

  23. on a note for those who didn't get the references in #27:
    the Mark 8 is based on the Armored Troopers from the anime Armored Trooper VOTOMS
    the Mark 9s are pretty much Space Marines from Warhammer 40,000 table game
    the Mark 12s are based on Evangelions from the Neon Genesis Evangelio anime

    also, a question: did you guys used a specific dialect for Q'winkennon's dialogues, or just made it gibberish?

  24. I turned it into Scottish and then I messed up the words as much as I could.

    Frankly, I don't care if I got it right. This chapter was a pain in the anus.

  25. Comics have finally arrived. I'll start scanning with issue #28, since #27 was just finished.

    Added note: I only bought the regualar issues up to #37, they didn't have the special issues in stock, so you might have to find another source for the '99 special, if they don't start selling it in the next few weeks.

  26. Kay, that will be great :)

    Heh, #28 also happens to be the first issue I ever read. Ah, memories, memories...

  27. I don't know where I should report this but PKNA #22 - Fragments of Autumn, the link is dead
    can someone upload a new one?

    1. Go to the post about #25 Crossfire. The new link for Fragments of Autumn is there.

  28. There you go:

    PKNA 28 - Metamorfosi (300dpi)

    If you prefer to work with the maximum quality jpegs, send me an e-mail to and I'll send you a link (it's three times as big in file size, the uploaded cbr's images are saved at quality 9 (80%)).

    1. Ah, these are quite perfect enough. Don't want it too become too big, now do we?

      Thanks, I'll get right on it.

  29. If anyone is interested, there are two Pk-related stories to translate.

    The first is the original and not censored 1969's origin of the Duck avenger:

    The second is the little parody of PKNA with Red Bat (Morcego Vermelho):

    1. I own the first one in German. I also think it's not complete, but I haven't read the comic in a while. Gotta look it up.

    2. The non-italian and the after 1969 italian editions of "Paperinik il diabolico vendicatore" had the dialogs censored.

      The scan that I provided are from the 1969 first edition, so they are uncensored.

      In America this story never came, they preferred to publish an orrible story to explain the origin of the Duck Avenger:

      I think that could be great for the non-italian Pkers to have the chance to know how all it's started.

    3. Ludwig von Drake as One? What the hell?

    4. Due to the success of PKNA in many countries of Europe, the Americans wanted to export the character of Paperinik in their country, so they tried to introduce him with this story, but, obviously, without success.

      The Ludvig van Drake appearance is due to the resemblance with One and to the fact that Ludwig was a well known character compared to One.

  30. I'm italian native speaker.
    I'd like to give a hand with the translation of the extra stuff.

    It's a shame you miss the mailbox, wich was even funnier than the comic itself.