Thursday, January 5, 2012

PKNA special 1998 - Zero Slash One

There are times when I love this site. And there are times when I REALLY love this site. When it means I get to read a brand-new issue of PKNA that was never published in my country, I really, really love this site.

Huge thanks to Banker for yet another great translation.

Oh, and scroll down for the PKNA #20 bonus story, in case you missed it.

PKNA Special 1998 - Zero Slash One

PKNA Special 1998 - Zero Slash One


  1. I only got to read a few issues when I was a kid, and this was one of them.

    Well, partly. Part of it was added in a regular Donald Duck comic, which was the Lord Walrus fight.

    Other than that, I only ever read 3 issues (28, 30 and 34).

    And let me tell you, issue 28 was not exaclty the best way to get introduced to the series.

  2. Ah. 'nother one.

    New costumes are always kewl.

  3. Just read this. Awesome. Especially the Gyro one and the one where he fought the coolflames in the amusement park. So much more mature and deep than the usual Disney comics. Thanks so much for translating these!