Saturday, April 14, 2012

PKNA #38 - In the fog

PKNA#38 - In the Fog

Banker brings us another cool issue.

Also, Danes might like to know that the second never-been-published-in-Denmark issue of PKNA is a part of THIS week's Anders And & Co. I believe they're gonna do the first four issues.

(Also, I swear I'm gonna update the download page tomorrow.)


  1. Hey there :)
    I am from Denmark and I have been a big fan of Duck Avenger (Stålanden in Danish) and yeah I had once ALL the comics in Danish, but then I got teenager and my friends and I was too "adult" for that stuff, but I have to be honest to say that I have always enjoyed this side of Donald Duck.
    Now I collect them again.. :)

  2. Not only $crooge re-appears, but there's also the pig mayor of Duckburg! He's different, more modern-looking, but I'm pretty sure it's a nod to the trend of Barks and other authors to consistently show a pig as the mayor.
    Should we tell INDUCKS to add this as one of his appearances?

  3. Speaking of Inducks, I got a chuckle out of that description for the issue.

    "Donald fighting the jack-assed wizard."

  4. We now return to "Two Funny Guys"!

    PKNA#39 - Chronowreck

    I'm taking a break. See ya, fuckers!

  5. It's also come to my attention that the download link for #21 doesn't work right.

    I have a new link here:

  6. And #17:

    But I've come to realize that this is not really a case broken links. The problem seems to be Blogger's hyperlinking.