Thursday, April 26, 2012

Donald Duck and the Diabolical Duck Avenger


Now here's something interesting: Fellow fan Blotling has just brought us a translation of the first-ever appearance of the Duck Avenger, from the Italian comic "Topolino".

The Avenger was a lot less sympathetic in his first appearances - in fact, he wasn't even supposed to be much of a superhero, just a way for Donald to take care of the people who wronged him. The superhero thing came later, when people eventually got tired of Donald just being a jackass.


  1. I'm from Brazil and I have a comic book called "The duck avenger saga". There are 4 stories in this comic book:

    Donald Duck and the Diabolical Duck Avenger;

    A story about an advertising battle about soft drinks between Scrooge and Rockerduck (which Duck Avenger settles);

    A story in which the Beagle Boys built a floating castle that causes cold weather in an attempt to break in McDuck's vault;

    A story about Scrooge being kidnaped by Rockerduck and being rescued by Duck Avenger.

    Unfortunately, this comic book is too old and might tear apart if I try to scan it. But these stories might be found elsewhere.

    Oh, and keep up the good work with the blog. =)

  2. Oh, sweet. I've wondered when this were going to show up on this site!

    Now, to finally read about the REAL origin of the Duck Avenger!

  3. @Vinícius Kowalski Ashtear I think you talk about this issue, don't you?

  4. Yes, this is the issue I was talking about. The PKNA series was partially published in Brazil too. But only 6 non-continuous editions were published. I have these also.

  5. Just as a heads-up, I'll hopefully get part 2 done by next weekend sometime (which should probably translate into Sunday or Monday, if I know myself well enough)

  6. Hi to all! Thanks for your work!
    Here the translation of a remark about the Donald's alter ego by Giovan Battista Carpi,creator of the Duck Avenger with Guido Martina

    "At first it was a Freudian case: the expression of Donald’s frustrations that he worked off through revenge and a new identity"

    The original:

    "All'inizio era un caso freudiano: l'esternazione delle frustrazioni di Paperino che trovavano sfogo attraverso la vendetta attuata sotto questa nuova identità"

    Sorry for my poor english

  7. Y'know, scratch that time estimation, too much stuff going on right now. Part 2 will be done when it's done.

  8. PKNA#40 - A Single Breath:

  9. Excellent post!!! Can we please have the second part of the story? thnx!!

  10. PKNA#41 - Agdy Days:

  11. Hey I found a scan of a German pocketbook I remembered from my childhood.
    It's title translates to "The Funny Pocketbook - Duckburg Special #12: The Duck Avenger - How it Began...".
    It contains 9 early Duck Avenger stories. If you want, I can use it to translate the rest of the first story.
    I could also translate the second story "The Duck Avenger is Back" while you finish the first.

  12. I actually am working on it, have approx. 1/3 left of it. It's just that I've not had enough time for it. But I intend to get it done asap.

    I don't have access to scans of the second story (if you're talking about "Paperinik alla riscossa", ) though I think I've seen one part (think it was part 2) of it floating around on the web. I've planned to do it if I could get a hold on it, but if you can, be my guest :)

  13. Apparently, despite it's name, the issue didn't contain the first comics, but the first comic and some later ones.
    However I found the issue that had the first 4 stories(The Funny Pocketbook #41 - A different side of Donald).
    Interesting about this issue is, that it also contains about 30 extra pages that connect the stories with each other. I finished the first 4 of those pages, that take place before "Donald Duck and the Diabolical Duck Avenger". I hope my English is not to bad.

    1. That's great!! Can you please translate the rest of them? Thanks in advance!

    2. Dear lord, that artwork is almost as bad as Ducktales #3! Ok, it's maybe not that brutal, perhaps not even close, but still bad nonetheless.

      Interesting still, post away!

  14. Blotling you gotta forgive them for being in the 70's