Monday, May 7, 2012

PKNA #40 + #41

Banker's back! And because I was a bit slow to update the site, he's managed to finish a second issue before I could even finish the first one!

PKNA#40 - A Single Breath

PKNA#41 - Agdy Days

By the way, it's been a while since I've mentioned this on the front page, so some people may be in doubt: Most files on this site are .cbr-files which you can read easily by downloading a program like Comical or CDisplay - both nice, free programs. You can also manually change the format to RAR, simply by changing the ".cbr" to ".rar".

I'll make sure to make a more permanent link somewhere on the site.

You know what else I haven't mentioned in a while and shall do likewise with? THE FORUM!


  1. I want to recommend ComicRack. It has a library, possibility to tag comics with writer/penciller and other data, convert formats, read webcomics and has an excellent mobile app.

    It's like winamp for comics :)

    1. Yeah, full of bloat :P

      No offence, but just as I use VLC to listen to my music or watch my videos, I also want a simple program to read my e-comics. That's why I use CDisplay.

      Btw, the link that Birch gave at the post above, firstly downloads a third-party program and later CDisplay. I recommend to look here for a correct download link:

  2. Yay! I finally finished part 2 of Donald Duck and the Diabolical Duck Avenger! It can be found on

    I also decided to revisit part 1 and make some improvements. It's mostly visual enhancements (like emphasis in dialogue and such, more in line with the original) but there's also one or two typos fixed and better dialogue at some few places where I just didn't feel for the dialogue. It can be found on


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  4. PKNA#42 - The Ulysses Syndrome:

  5. I shall be playing lots of Diablo 3 for a while come release, so there may be delays in my helping Banker for a while, just FYI.

    And if you're not happy about that because you want to read more PKNA - Why are you not playing Diablo 3!? :p

    1. I'll be getting to that myself sooner or later.

      Gonna pick dat Monk.

    2. Whoo! Another time-consuming Blizzard game to take up people's time and milk even more money for a fat company.

      Still haven't decided what class to play myself though... :P