Monday, May 28, 2012

PKNA Special 2000 - Super

PKNA Special 2000 - Super

Oh man, I DO love special issues. Because those are the ones that I've never read before.

Banker is my god. And with this, there's now only five issues remaining of the PKNA series.


  1. Hey guys,

    Do you remember the greek ad from here? (

    Well, PKNA is (finally!) coming to Greece. The first issue will be published in the summer and will contain the very first story of the saga (

    Although I have read most of the issues from the scanlations which are being done here, I 'll certainly buy it to support the greek publishers. :-)


  2. I'm Italian and I readed the PKNA series in my childhood.. I have no words to thank you for allow me to read this stories again!!


  3. Why didn't you translate the Bertoni story?
    That story was the most important thing of this issue.

  4. not going for pk2? Or PK Pikappa? :)

  5. PK2, maybe. Pikappa, not really.


    Some old villains we haven't seen in a long time return!

    PKNA#45 - Operation Hephaestus:

    PKNA#46 - In the Shadow:

  6. Wow 2 at once! Thank you!

    It'd be really great, if you were to translate PK², too, it's some sort of continuation of the PKNA series, isn't it?

  7. PK2 is indeed a direct continuation of PKNA, but with a lot of things shuffled around. Kinda, sorta. Haven't read it myself but that's how much I've figured out. Was thinking of asking if there was any plans for PK2 myself actually, good to hear it might get done :)

    Anyways, loved this double dose! #46 was an excellent end to the Evron/Xadhoom saga, a prime example of what sets this apart from more classic Disney comics.

    Also, I might get started on the sequel to the DA origin story soon-ish. Hopefully.