Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PKNA #39 - Chronowreck

PKNA#39 - Chronowreck


  1. Thanks alot! Love your work!

    Just a small request: Is it possible that you can create a CBR version of comic 12+13+14? That would be really awesome :-)

    1. You can always change the file extension from .rar to .cbr yourself.

      The option for enabling it is in the Folder Options.

  2. Bonus treat while Banker is taking a break: The first part of the original Duck Avenger story, Donald Duck and the Diabolical Duck Avenger!

  3. I have read it before in spanish, so I can tell I don't like the beginning; Donald in a bigger jerk than usual and Gladstone is portrayed uncharacteristically simpathethic. Now with that said, at least $crooge is jerkish enough to deserve what he gets, and Gladstone returns to his normal personality for the second half of the story, so the second half is more enjoyable.