Friday, August 17, 2012

PK2 #02 - Just a Little Fear

Banker Returns.


  1. Lovely as usual!

    Must say that I really like PK2 thus far. Getting a good bit more back to basics and all stuff like that, especially when it comes to having to resort to using the old refuge and stuff like that (which you will see be built in 'Paperinik alla riscossa', along with the introduction of another classic DA gadget which actually made a few appearances in PKNA!). The only thing that bugs me is however the fact that Donald's pretty much has needed the help of others to manage every single fight so far. But still, good so far!

    And as for the translation of 'Paperinik alla riscossa', well, I'll just tell y'all I just got stumped to see Donald drink alcohol! I mean, what the fuck!? The swedish translation is more 'family friendly', but those darn italians... YOU'RE RUINING MY CHILDHOOD!

    Then again, I remember seeing Donald reading Playboy in an old collection of newspaper strips...

    1. Hey, don't be unfair! He defeated Beefy on his own...

      But yeah, I'm really loving it! I was a bit worried at first before I proceeded to read the followup, seeing as many regular characters are never seen again, some elements are removed, the fact that it is a followup in the first place...

      This series is certainly no step down from the original one, despite some of the changes. I really like the new characters, the story's getting pretty interesting; this pleases me!

      And trust me, things get pretty fucking epic in the next issue >:D

    2. Yeah, Beefy. How could I forget him?

      Another thing I forgot to mention is how much tighter and plot hole-less story PK2 seems to have compared to PKNA because, as we all know, PKNA could be a complete clusterfuck from time to time (slight pun intended)!

    3. Yes, anything revolving time travel never makes a lick of sense...

      Well, PK2's story's definitely going in a straight line so far, rather than having a separate story for each issue.

      It's of course not going to continue like that. I've read #13, and that one certainly has nothing to do with the main story.

    4. Pretty much what I expected then; a main plot with some totally unrelated issues.

    5. It seems that the (sadistic) author thinks:
      «Wake up time, DA! Too easy with nearly omnipotent allies (One, Xadhoom)! We’ll see if you’ll be able to do a good fight ALONE against billionaires with delusion of grandeur or super powered psychos»

  2. And what about this sensible child (also from 'Paperinik alla riscossa')?

    Child(to Donald): Buddy, for a dollar I would set fire to my own school!

    1. Swedish translation is nothing like that, more like:

      "You bet! Just tell me what to do!"
      "Gladly! It's my favorite hobby!"
      "For a dollar I'll give him a long signal!"

      Weaksauce fo' shure...

    2. Forgot to say...

      Of course I'm aiming to deliver an accurate translation as much as I possibly can, so no dumbing down as per the swedish translation!

    3. Sorry, my fault to explain (100 % terrible english). When Donald meets the boy, their early dialogue it’s something like this:
      Donald: Do you want gain a dollar?
      Child: Buddy, for a dollar…
      For the rest (the beer that Donald drinks, the rest of the dialogue with the child...) I think it’s a pretty good translation without the horrible “politically correct” changes like in some recent reprint here in Italy

    4. It's also a cultural thing for sure as Scandinavian and American Disney comics more or less always have had a very child-friendly language (Beer in Disney comics!? Preposterous!), while Italian Disney comics always seem to stick out a bit from the norm. PKNA being a prime example in itself.

      Not saying that either is right or wrong, just that there is a difference.

  3. I haven't read all the PK2 issues yet but I'm curious to see how they put the fact that One has been deleted together with the fact that he later becomes Odin Eidolon. Plot hole or something that gets resolved?

    1. Well, the series seems to end before it could properly end...

      I imagine we won't get to see that problem get resolved.

      But I haven't read the whole thing, so I'm just speculating.

    2. I'm content with ED screwing up the time stream as an explanation actually...

      Time-wimey stuff... (It's surprising how many parallels can be drawn between Doctor Who and PKNA at times. Listening to the Doctor Who soundtrack while reading much of PKNA didn't really make it harder!)

      But I think it actually might get addressed somewhat from what I've understood, but I don't want to go into potential spoilers... and neither should anyone else!

  4. Hah! I did it! I finally did it! I'm done! Here it is, suckers! Part one of what those wacky Italians call 'Paperinik alla riscossa' and what I decided to, against better judgement, call 'The Salvation of the Duck Avenger'! Eat that!

    You'll find the whole thing at

    And for what I was thinking a lot during the last phase of translating this all:

    Yay, Daisy's as bitchy as usual and the worst example of a female like evar!!! Even considering it's from the 60's! Like seriously Donald you might be kind of an asshole sometimes, even in this story, but just DUMP THAT FRIGGIN' BITCH. RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW. Man, she must really be a fucking goddess in bed

    Also, trying to find suitable words for a Disney comic can be hard when you really can feel the hate just pouring out of the characters. But I think I managed to do it good enough!

    And also, since they're not on the page collecting all issues (and also because the links are new, seeing as I apparently drank away the password to my account over at Mediafire) I'll repost links to 'Donald Duck and the Diabolical Duck Avenger':

    Part one:

    Part two:

    Haha! Finally done! I'm free! Now I just...

    Now I just have all of part two left to do.


    1. God damn ugly line breaks...

    2. Hmmm... Should I have gone with the more correct 'Duck Avenger to the rescue'..?

      Anyway, just to fill y'all in on the details on this story, which I forgot:

      Written by Guido Martina, also known as one of the creators of DA

      Illustrated by the man many people think is the greatest Italian Disney comic creator of all time and in my opinion the greatest all-round Disney creator of all time (as in doing both ducks and mice), Romano Scarpa

      Inked by who could be seen as Scarpa's heir and protégé (Italians, I'm not exaggerating now, right?), Giorgio Cavazzano

      There. I really should try to saw some wood right now and stop writing bloody essays on my phone :p

    3. Amen, brother. I've had a strong contempt for her grow over all the years I've spend reading Donald Duck comics... I can't even begin to describe how high it's gotten.

      Sure, it might make sense for him to be with the selfish tramp because he himself is an asshole... But it makes no sense that he's still with her in PKNA because he's actually a good person! I second the motion. Dump her!

      God, I thought it was finally over after that part in Zero Slash One, but... Fuck! And boy, I'm gonna have a field day in Bankin' the Duck when I get to that part...

      Donald... in terms of this series... you got way better options, dude. Sure, Xadhoom's dead and Lyla being a robot complicates things, but if nothing else... After having read the third issue, ask Tempest out! She's pretty cool!

      Okay, I'm going off the deep end. Nice work on the translation, Blot. Now get to part two before I eat you.

    4. Well, as far as I've noticed, Daisy really seems to be a character very few people actually like and I even get the feeling she's a character not even writers really want to have too much to do with, but has to because she's simply such an integral part of it all. Which still can be sort of fine to me. I do however think there's a trend to slowly shape her up to a bit more modern standards really, but things like that will take time and she will never be on the same level as the ladies of PKNA, which actually are written really well and strong which seems to be a thing that very few people actually can do. In a Disney comic, no less!

      And yeah, if it weren't for that hussy, a romance between Donald and Tempest would have been quite obvious and I get a strong feeling even the writers agree after reading #3.

    5. I took this opportunity to translate the next part of the frame story. It takes place between "Donald Duck and the Diabolical Duck Avenger" and "Duck Avenger to the rescue".

      The original name of the story was Prologo a "Paperinik il diabolico" btw.. It was written by Gian Giacomo Dalmasso and drawn by Giuseppe Perego.

      The download like for the first part, that takes place before "Donald Duck and the Diabolical Duck Avenger" was:

  5. As I said, shit's getting epic...

    PK2 #03 - The Voice of Darkness

    Kinda shocked somebody actually said "damn it"...

    1. well, in Italian "Dannazione" is not a bad word, nor it is a particularly "strong" one

    2. Yup, was pretty epic I must say.

      Still loving this!

      12 out of 22 comments in this post... Feels like in need to cut down on talking crap

    3. Yeah, when Birch comes around to see if I've finished a new issue, he's gonna take a look at the number of comments, and he's gonna be all like "Hvad fanden?".

    4. I just can't help it, it's like my fingers are on fire! ;)

  6. Hvad fanden? Ah, I see. Daisy hate. It all makes sense now.

    Hey, I just realised I never added the classic Paperinik tales to the download page. I'll get right on that. (As well as a new blog post, of course.)