Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PK2 #4 - Memory Lines

PK2 #4 - Memory Lines

Starting to suspect that Banker is in fact a machine sent from the future. This level of productivity just doesn't seem human.

(Also, the fact that he's still in contact with Claudio Sciarrone who's apparently got something brewing is just awesome!)

Oh, and in case you missed it, scroll down a bit if you missed issue #3, as well as Blotling's translation of a classic Duck Avenger tale!


  1. Banker is the distant cousin of Bender.

    Once again, many, many thanks for all the work you put into this. Everytime a new issue is scanlated its like christmas and easter on the same day.

    Also, regarding the Sciarrone-issue: I have never in my life been that jealous. Give my adorations to The Man.

  2. Same thing here! I have been in love with Sciarrone and his drawings for ages!

  3. Somewhere, in some universe, Leonard Vertighel senses a disturbance in the force.

    PK2 #05 - End of History



  4. You know, if I look up "Insane" in a dictionary, I'm almost certain to fink a picture of Banker next to it. Which, is just a good thing in this case!

    Keep up the excellent work man, you know I love ya for it! ;)

  5. Realizing I probably should do this as spoiler free as possible, but still, read at your own risk.

    Awwww, how cute... and a bit fucked up at the same time!

    This actually clears up quite a lot of the time travelling weirdness from the later issues of PKNA and how it all fits together. Then comes the discussion about how everything is just an alternate time line and just made my brain melt again. Still fun to see how it maintains such a continuity with the old comics, even if I'd prefer it to be kept at a minimum (mainly due to the time travel clusterfuckiness).

    And a possible minor nitpick - how can Donald know that Tyrell is what he is so early on? X-transformer scan?

    1. How the fuck did he even know Tyrrel was in Lyla's appartment?

      ... did Lyla indirectly tell him somehow? Does Donald have superpowers now? Is the writing just terribly shitty?

    2. I guess he saw a glimpse of him while peeking in, it can't be thrown out as a possibility.

      But yeah, this has definitely been the weakest issue of PK2 for me this far, which just solidifies that references to the time travelling of PKNA should been kept low. Not a worthless or really even bad issue; the main plot had a decent idea, but as said, the writing was a bit plagued by the bad parts of PKNA. It had its ups, but those were mostly regarding everything but the main plot.

      (Bleh, post felt repetitive and dull...)

    3. Well, too many questions plaguing me kept me from fully enjoying the issue.

      ... if some asshole is down here and haven't read the issue yet, what the fuck are you doing down here, you asshole? Get back up there and download the fucking issue!

      Like, I fail to see why programmed robots would need like a training academy in the first place. That makes little sense to me.

      Did Lyla really have a futuristic hologram appear if someone broke into her apartment? Even if it was just some common burglar... What if Barney Fuzz decided to sneak in again?

      We never did get an explanation to why Tyrrel knew all that information in the first place. Kinda important to know, me thinks.

      And overall, I still fail to believe that Lyla Lay was romantically involved with someone. I mean...


      New experience my ass, apparently. You've gone way beyond that point.


    4. You can see Tyrrel's coat through the door to Lyla's apartment. It's hanging on the coatrack.

      Combine that with the secutiry tapes of Tyrell wearing that while jumping through a window, and recognising that normal humans can't do that...

      Of course, this means the Avenger watched the tape twice, once at the airport, then again later, but it beats him just knowing.

  6. Wow, already at five issues translated, did you realize, that you're almost a third through the series? Great job as always and I really like the added tension in the series due to the undlying main story.

    Regarding the criticism as to why androids would need a training center: Computer science isn't anywhere near as advanced regarding artificial intelligence, but every learning system, be it a neural network or a support vector machine needs to be trained before using it. Of course it doesn't look like it does in the comic and if we ever get to build androids of comparable scale as in PK², it may well look totally different than in the comics but it's definitely not unrealistic that you'd have to train an artificial intelligence before putting it to use. Especially if you want them to have some individuality.

    1. Maybe. In Parts and the Whole or whatever that one was called, Two did say Everett had taught him a nursing rhyme. Maybe it's the difference between AIs and regular machines.

      'sides, they need to be capable of learning, unless the future can add a program for every possible situation the droids might end up in.

  7. God dammit, Tempest is drawn way too cutesy in this issue! Like fucking Minnie Mouse or some shit...

    PK2 #06 - Alpha Waves


    Also... Green light, Donald, green light!

  8. Two... days for one issue? Wow! I'm off to read that comic :D. Thank you!