Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Salvation of the Duck Avenger + PK2 #3

Double feature - Banker and Blotling are back!

Blotling returns with 'The Salvation of the Duck Avenger', another classic tale from the start of the Avenger's career.

Blotling has of course already provided translations of the origin of the Duck Avenger: Both part one and part two.

And Banker returns with the third installment of PK2:

(Link is fixed now)

It is a good day.


  1. I'm certainly a bit conflicted about the choice of name for 'Paperinik alla riscossa' (as I mentioned briefly earlier) and here's why:

    I chose the name 'The Salvation of the Duck Avenger' because I didn't think the translation of the story, 'Duck Avenger to the Rescue' made very much sense at the time. I though, who was he supposed to save? Thus I changed it up to be about the salvation Donald speaks about in the end of part one, Donald's personal rescue, even if pinning the salvation to DA in the title wasn't really correct either.

    It then struck me shortly after I posted it that, of course! Donald is the one the Duck Avenger is out to rescue! It all made sense now! D'oh!

    Ah well, I'll make it up to you people. Do you want it to be the more accurate name or should the more epic sounding name that I simply made up myself stay?

    And speaking of d'oh... Anyone else notice any special resemblance in the family in the end of 'The Voice of Darkness'? ;)

  2. You could call it "Duck Avenger: Fuck Everyone I've Ever Come Into Contact With", that seems fitting for the story...

    And yeah, I noticed that. Though I doubt Korinna's going to go train in the mountains.

    And as I said things got epic in this issue...

    Things get FUCKING SERIOUS in the next one!

  3. "Strikes Back" is a better translation for "alla riscossa" in this context.

  4. Sorry but the link for PK2 #3 - The Voice of Darkness

    it lead to a mediafire blank cloud page.

  5. Agh! You're right, it did. I must have copied the wrong link. Should be fixed now though. Thanks for pointing it out.

  6. Female characters in this series are all a little bitchy (or true bitch) and hostile. Good ol' Donald is up to them (in a way or another), with everyone, but no Daisy.
    Have you ever think about that?

    p.s. of course I don’t say that Lyla is bitchy, she's the she IS the personification of exception, in every way ;)

  7. So Claudio's soon gonna show me what this personal project of his is, gonna be exciting to find out.
    And no, it's not Disney related.

    Anyways, fourth issue on the ready!

    PK2 #04 - Memory Lines

    Still talking about going out with Daisy, NEI NĂ… FAEN I HELVETE!

  8. Wow really enjoyed #3... Thanks for still doing this!