Sunday, May 16, 2010

PKNA issue 2 - Two p. 3-11 / Announcement: The future of this site.

These pages have been removed at the request of Disney. However, you can read on from here:

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The following announcement is kind of long-winded. There's an abridged version at the bottom of the post, if you just want the main points.

Alright, announcement time:

Disney has now been publishing comics starring Paperinik/The Duck Avenger/Superduck for a while, and we've had some time to think about how to move forward.

And our conclusion is this: We want to support an official translation in any way we can. And that probably means we won’t be translating the entire series ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be quitting the project anytime soon. We’ll be translating PKNA for a long time yet, and at some point, we’ll take a break to focus on other great Italian Disney comics.


See, here’s the thing – an official translation is probably the best thing that could possibly happen to the series. Our goal has always been to spread the word on The Duck Avenger, and an official translation will do that much more effectively than our site could ever hope to.

Now, while we enjoy making these translations, of course we don’t want to spend year(s) on translating comics that Disney might very well do themselves eventually.

But if we’re going to see an official translation, we’re going to need your help!

That's right. This isn't just a blog with comics being uploaded anymore. It's a cause!

We need to make Disney aware, that there is a real demand for this series, made available in YOUR country. And there are two ways a corporation like Disney can tell what their readers want: They can look at sales, and they can look at reader response.

So here's what we need you to do: Write to Disney. Tell them that you want to be able to read Paperinik New Adventures as soon as possible. Possibly after the Superduck comics (translated from PK: Pikappa) have been translated, but ideally even before then.

If Disney DigiComics aren't available in your country, write to your local branch of Disney, and tell them you’d like to see DigiComics made available. So you can read Paperinik New Adventures.

If you don't have an iPod Touch, iPhone, or Playstation Portable, write to Disney and tell them, you want DigiComics made available in other ways (say, on a regular computer). Because you want to read Paperinik New Adventures.

(Oh, and for God’s sake, don’t mention THIS site to Disney. We prefer not to be sued.)

Here are some good ways to contact Disney – though you may be able to find a more direct link to your local branch:

The official site of Disney in America:
The official help desk of Disney UK:

The most direct and effective way to reach the people we want to reach is probably through old-fashioned snail mail. Here's Disney's postal address in the US:

The Walt Disney Company
Attn: Disney Publishing - New Media
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521


And, hey, if you DO have access to Disney DigiComics, why not buy an issue or two of the available Superduck comics? It's not quite PKNA, but it's pretty close, has gorgeous art, and there are 10+ issues available, which you don't even have to wait a month for.

Just as importantly, it will let Disney know that there is a demand for Italian comics starring Superduck/The Duck Avenger. And after all, they'll run out of Superduck comics from the PK: Pikappa series at some point. So we want them to feel, that it'll be a good idea to translate the next readily available series of Superduck they've got. Which is Paperinik New Adventures.

And as always, another great way to help the cause is to spread the word of this series to all the corners of the Internet.


SO, what about our site? As I said earlier, we don't want to translate the whole series, if Disney will ultimately be doing it themselves. But we DO want to keep this site active, and bring in more new fans.

So here's the plan: We'll keep on trucking, translating and uploading new comics from the series, until we reach the 14th issue (that's issue #11, 'Urk'). 14 issues is a pretty darn good sample, but still modest enough that there will still be a series for Disney to translate when they get to it.

After issue #11, we'll focus on some OTHER great Disney comics that are in need of a translation. First up will be Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine, a series by the same people who did PKNA, featuring Mickey Mouse using his detective skills in the city of Anderville. Like PKNA, the series features a more mature approach, a long story arc, and some darker elements than most Disney comics.

So that's the plan. Hopefully Disney will end up doing an official translation of the series, and more people will learn about the series. If they don't, we'll just rethink our approach when we get to that point.

For those of you who saw a wall of text and skipped it:


Please help us get an official translation of Paperinik New Adventues, by writing to Disney, buying the available Superduck comics, and/or spreading the word of this site.

Our site will be running like usual for the next long while, until we reach issue #11, after which we'll start translating other great Disney comics, including a series that features Mickey Mouse with a shotgun on one of the covers.


  1. I love that Mickey Mouse cover.

  2. I'm very much looking forward to the Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine, especially since the fist 12 PKNA came out where I live, but MMMM never did afaik.

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this kind of thing. I've been collecting these for years in Italian, and agree that North America should be brought to their light.