Sunday, May 23, 2010

PKNA issue 2 - Two p. 19-26

I wasn't quite happy with our translation of Angus Fangus' characteristic, cackling laugh, so from now on, we're gonna go with "Gyeh! Gyeh!" instead of "Igh! Igh!"

(If your first reaction was "Oh, that was supposed to be a LAUGH?", you can see why we'd want to change it.)

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Overly long post explaining this: Here.


  1. Why did you change te original Fangus' laugh?
    I like more the old "Igh! Igh!" than this "Gyah! Gyah!"!!!

  2. Well, I wasn't sure what to go with for a while, which is why "Igh! Igh!" stayed for as long as it did.

    I think my problem with "Igh! Igh!" is, that it works perfectly in Italian, but in English it just looks wrong.

    Laughs generally always look different in Italian and English. After all, it's "Ha! Ha!" in English, not "Ah! Ah!"

    So personally I think "Gyeh! Gyeh!" works better, while still seeming very Angus-like. Still though, nothing's written in stone yet, so I'm open to suggestions.

    (By the way, I'd be interested to know how they translated Angus' laugh in the Superduck comics at Disney DigiComics. I can't access them myself, but has anybody read them, and noticed his laugh?)