Sunday, May 2, 2010

PKNA issue 0/3 - Xadhoom! p. 28-34

Here's an update for you. Say, if you're enjoying these, maybe you know someone else who might? Or maybe you frequent some website where people might be interested?

We're trying to spread the word on The Duck Avenger, so if you tell someone about it - even if it's just one guy - it'd make us very happy.

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Where are Huey, Dewey, and Louie off to? To fight aliens (no relation to the Evronians) and Junior Chickadees in their own monthly comic which ran at the same time as PKNA, of course.

Aliens threatening Duckburg and the rest of the world seemed to be a major problem in the 90's.

Help support The Duck Avenger's efforts to make it to English-speaking countries - Superduck comics now available in America and the United Kingdom through Disney Digicomics!

Useful links: Here and here.
Overly long post explaining this: Here.


  1. We're trying our best to spread the word on 4chan. Donald is already a meme, so it shouldn't be too hard. Been a fan of this comic for 14 years, it's nice to see it getting some well-deserved international attention. :)

  2. Hello there kind sir, I ran across this site via TvTropes and I find the whole thing intriguing. Since Italian is my mother language and I own the whole series (from issue #0 to issue #49/50), I think I might be able to help with translations (of course not image processing, I suck at it). Do you have any means to contact you which we could use to discuss about this further?

  3. Sure thing. You can reach me at