Monday, December 13, 2010

PKNA Special 1997 - Missing p. 12-17

Sorry about the late update. Sickness and real life slowed me down.

Late updates are becoming a habit, but don't worry. From now on, everything should be up on time.

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Let Disney know that you want to see an official translation of Paperinik New Adventures – here’s how!

Disney has already shown an interest in the characters – Superduck comics are now available in the US, the UK, and Italy through Disney Digicomics! A growing archive of never-before-translated comics are now available. Here’s a brief explanation.

DigiComics for iPod
DigiComics for PSP
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  1. you know what you're doing is not legal and you're going to get in big troubles? Disney is already aware of it...

  2. We know...we know...but you are ever so kind for stating the obvious my friend!

  3. Well, Disney hasn't contacted me so far, so I'm wondering how you know that they're aware of us?

    Obviously, though, Paperinik New Adventures IS entirely Disney's property, and we've made sure not to touch anything that Disney is trying to market themselves.
    We just wanted to share this 14-year old series that we love, seeing as we thought it was unlikely that Disney would ever market it to the rest of the world.

  4. I get the feeling Anon here is trolling bigtime. How would he know anyway?

  5. Angus has got to be one of the best characters ever created. :)

  6. @reloadfreeman: yep, but he's terrible at it...

    @anonymous2: Angus is awesome!